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A Solution for Everyone

We offer a large selection of different types of coffee machines.

No matter what you are looking for, we will probably find a solution for you. Whether you are into filter coffee or espresso, semi-automatic or fully automatic espresso machines – we have it all.

  • With Eversys, you get a fully automatic espresso machine that can quickly make everything from a hot Americano to a delicious Cappuccino.
  • With Heylo , you get a boiler-free espresso and/or milk machine that really saves money.
  • With 3TEMP, you get a boiler-free filter solution for you who need to make pots of coffee on cheap electricity bills.

Smaller Electricity Bill With


A typical coffee machine uses a lot of energy. It heats water in a kettle all day long so that the machine is always ready to make a cup of coffee.

It doesn't need to.

With a boilerless machine, your coffee machine does not need to stand and swallow electricity to keep the water in the boiler hot. Instead, you use heating elements with induction – you probably know the term from stoves – which heat quickly and efficiently for the single cup of coffee to be made, rather than heating water for an innumerable number.

Boilerless has a very good correlation with carbon and electricity savings. We see the future of coffee machines as boilerless – it is absolutely the best solution for our planet.

3TEMP and Heylo are our boilerless dealers. 3TEMP makes filter machines and Heylo makes semi-automatic Espresso and milk machines.


Semi- or Fully Automatic

Whether you run a hotel with hundreds of guests or just need coffee for the home office, we have an espresso machine for you. But when it comes to the automatic espresso machine, you need to be aware of which kind to use.

We sell two types:

With the semi-automatic machine, you have to grind the coffee and froth the milk yourself. It gives more control, but also requires more from the user. The semi-automatic machine is for those who want to perform in order to enjoy.

The fully automatic espresso machine does it all for you. You just press a button and you are served a real cup of barista coffee. The fully automatic machine is for those who are looking for a user-friendly solution.