Bentwood kaffekværn

The favorite grinder


This is without comparison the coffee grinder that makes the coffee taste the best. It emphasizes sweetness and makes the coffee transparent and balanced.

That is why it is also the grinder we prefer in our roastery.

A grinder that can do it all

The only grinder we recommend for both filter coffee and espresso

With the Bentwood Vertical 63, you get a grinder that can do it all.

It can grind for both hand brew, filter and espresso. The rotary wheel on the grinder makes it easy to switch between the different settings, so you can easily choose which coffee you want to grind.

Bentwood is often used for various competitions all over the world, including the Brewers Cup. It has been thoroughly tested by the biggest online coffee enthusiasts and arouses great enthusiasm all around. At the World of Coffee in 2022, it was absolutely pervasive because it is recognized worldwide as the grinder for coffee geeks.

With this grinder, you really have the opportunity to adjust and experiment with the flavors in your coffee. Take your coffee geekery to the next level and serve exceptionally tasty coffee.

PUQpress og Bentwood kaffekværn

Considered details

Advanced technology — easy to use

The Bentwood Grinder is an extraordinary grinder for many reasons.

The coffee tastes better with this grinder due to the advanced geometry of the blades. They are designed by Bentwood themselves and ensure more uniform coffee particles. This means that there is more sweetness and uniformity in the extraction.

The rotary wheel on the grinder shows the size of the particles and the digital visualization makes it easy to adjust this. This makes the grinder optimal for single doses, but it can also grind in time.

This is where Bentwood differs from the field


Taste trumps everything else

Above all, Bentwood is our clear recommendation because it simply makes your coffee taste better.

The accuracy in the particle distribution, the solid and precise construction and the cool motor together provide a taste experience that really makes a difference to your coffee.

3TEMP setup PULS og Bentwood kaffekværn

"Grinders for better taste"

Bentwood is a Swiss company with roots in Vienna, Italy. They know you can't get good coffee without a good grinder. Therefore, they develop their grinder from scratch with attention to every single detail.

They take feedback from customers and further develop their grinder as needed. Today, this has given us the beautiful Vertical 63, which is both widespread and popular.

Why Lindy thinks Bentwood is the best coffee grinder on the market

Lindy med Bentwood kaffekværn i risteriet

It is, among other things because it really makes the coffee taste its best.

Bentwood emphasizes natural sweetness and makes it easy to bring out the transparency in the different layers of the coffee. In addition, it makes the coffee taste good, regardless of whether you want to grind for espresso, filter, hand brew or something else. In addition, it is easy to set the degree of grinding with the rotary wheel and the display.

Adjust, experiment and balance

Take your coffee nerdiness to a new level

It's no secret that we love to grind coffee — and this grinder helps us. We use it especially for filter coffee and hand brew, but also for our premium espresso, precisely because the taste is so good.

With Bentwood, you can experiment, adjust and balance the flavors in your coffee at home in your own kitchen. In this way, you can discover completely new nuances of the flavors and find exactly your favorite version. It might get a little geeky, but that's a good thing — we know that from experience.

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