heylo mælkemodul kedelfri mælkeskummer
heylo kaffemodul og mælkemodul, kedelfri espressomaskine og mælkeskummer
heylo kaffemodul, kedelfri espressomaskine
2 stk heylo kaffemoduler og et mælkemodul i midten, kedelfri espressomaskiner og mælkeskummer
Heylo mælkemodul
Heylo mælkemodul og espressomodul


Heylo Milk Module

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Innovative and energy-efficient fully automatic milk steamer, which makes milk foam of the highest quality.

  • Option for 2 different types of milk with customised settings for cow's milk or oat drink
  • Different recipes make it possible to differentiate between cappuccino and flat white
  • Can be combined with Heylo's espresso module to achieve a complete hybrid espresso setup

With a setup from Heylo, you can save up to 90% of energy consumption.

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Heylo presents a brand new espresso setup. It is a hybrid: a cross between a fully automatic and semi-automatic espresso machine. In addition to being easy to use and allowing for super advanced settings, Heylo solves one of the biggest problems of espresso machines: power consumption.

With Heylo's espresso setup you can save up to 90% of energy consumption compared to other machines. It offers the opportunity to reduce electricity bills and thus also your carbon consumption.

Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte and Much More

It is difficult to steam good milk. It actually takes a long time to learn and even the skilled make mistakes. If you want to be able to do that then you just have to get started. But if not, there is actually a solution.

Heylo's milk module steams your milk as well as an experienced barista - and it does it every. time. Like the espresso module, it is easy and simple to use but also has the option of using the detailed settings. The Heylo Milk Module does not use steam technology, which means you are guaranteed to avoid water disturbances.

It also means that you are guaranteed a delicious micro foam coffee whenever you feel like it.

Two Kinds of Milk

The Milk Module can have 2 types of milk and different settings for each, which can be adjusted in the machine's back settings. It makes it easy to have a plant-based alternative ready in the machine, or just two different kinds of cow's milk.

Avoid Milk Waste

An average cafe throws away around DKK 15,000 of milk per year. It is difficult to calculate how much milk you need when steaming manually. Fortunately, Heylo can calculate that for you, so you don't steam more than necessary. This way you avoid wasting milk and money.