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3TEMP Hipster 1-Group

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Hipster 1-Group is the original and first of its kind in 3TEMP's series of innovative filter coffee machines that are full of innovative technology and features.

  • The machine delivers filter coffee of the highest quality and was the first to enter the market among coffee bars, restaurants, as well as offices where the coffee must be above standard.
  • Original design from 3TEMP.
  • The first machine with 3TEMP's innovative and user-friendly brewing system, which gives full control over coffee brewing.
  • Boilerless and energy efficient design.
  • Programmable recipes.
  • Brews up to 3.8L of coffee in under 10 minutes
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Hipster 1-Group is the original and first of its kind in 3Temp's series of innovative filter coffee machines that are full of innovative technology and features. The machine delivers filter coffee of the highest quality and was the first brewer from 3TEMP to enter the market among coffee shops and restaurants and made a big difference for specialty coffee worldwide.

This machine differs significantly from a regular coffee machine in several areas:

Advanced brewing profiling: 

Many factors come into play when brewing filter coffee and it can be difficult to get an overview. Hipster 1-Group gives you control through an innovative and user-friendly brewing profiling system. The machine comes pre-installed with 8 programmable brewing recipes that mimic an experienced barista's brewing method, and ensures that the coffee tastes great every time. Despite the advanced interior of the machine, Hipster 1-Group has a user-friendly interface that means that anyone can brew good coffee on it.

If you are more advanced, you can adjust the recipes so that the profile fits the particular coffee you are brewing. Hipster 1-Group brews in three stages and imitates the bloom you know from drip coffee. Both the amount of water and the duration of your bloom can be adjusted as needed. The number of pulses and the temperature can be adjusted for the three stages so that the right extraction is achieved.

If you just use a single coffee, you just use a single recipe that makes it taste as good as possible. The boilerless design guarantees that the coffee will taste exactly the same every time. If you use several coffees at a time, or if you like to change your coffee once in a while, you can advantageously create individual recipes that emphasise the unique flavour nuances of the individual coffees.

It has never been easier to deliver great taste experiences. If you want to deliver the experience of drip coffee in very high quality – but also fast, efficient, reliable, and sustainable – then this is definitely the coffee machine you are looking for.

Boilerless design: 

Many filter coffee machines use brewing kettles that use up large amounts of energy because they have to keep a certain amount of water at very high temperatures – even when they are not brewing. Other machines suffer from imprecise thermo blocks, where the brewing temperature is far too uneven to get a good flavour. With this machine, 3TEMP uses very accurate thermo blocks that heat the water to the desired temperature as the machine brews. These thermo blocks deliver very precise temperature control and use significantly less energy.

While many coffee machines use around 30 watts to keep the water heated 24 hours a day, the Hipster 1.Group uses an average of only 3 watts in standby, where the machine can brew coffee with minimal waiting time. Therefore, Hipster 1-Group can provide large energy savings.

Cold brew function: 

Hipster 1-Group comes with 30 cold brew test brews, after which the function can be purchased additionally. While it usually takes a brewing time of 12-24 hours to get the desired taste with cold brew, the Hipster 1-Group can reduce the brewing time all the way down to 20 minutes and even achieve a better result. Hipster 1-Group comes with a recipe that is easy to follow and the cold brew function can therefore be used by everyone.

In short: Hipster from 3TEMP raises the bar for control and taste in a modern, user-friendly, and sustainable solution.

3TEMP puls filterkaffebrygger

Boilerless / Kettlefree

What does the future of coffee brewing look like?

We've given it a lot of thought and we have an idea of ​​where we're going. And it is boilerless — or kettle-free as it is called in good Danish.

There are so many advantages to driving with boiler-free machines that we simply can't stop talking about it.

For filter coffee, we put the spotlight on the Swedish boiler-free brewers from 3TEMP. They are incredibly clear about their ambitions to brew in higher quality with less energy consumption.

Their boilerless machines can reduce your energy consumption by up to ~90%, compared to a standard filter coffee machine with a boiler.

Save on the electricity bill

Graf over energiforbrug ved brug af filterkaffemaskine med og uden kedel

Huge reduction

In many cafés, hotels and offices, the coffee machine typically stands and keeps water hot all day and even overnight.

This results in a far greater waste of energy when the coffee machine is on standby.

The visualization above speaks for itself. There is a significant difference between the energy consumption of a boilerless machine compared to a standard machine.

Graf over energiforbrug ved brug af filterkaffemaskine med og uden kedel

From Skagen to Sicily

A modern electric vehicle travels 5 km per hour. kWh. This means that the total annual standby energy consumption of a standard filter coffee machine could drive an electric car up to 3066 kilometers.

It is actually the distance between Skagen in Denmark all the way down to Sicily in Italy.

If you like to bake, you can turn on the oven and bake for 245 hours without stopping.

Or you can binge your favorite series at the same time. On 4 different TVs at the same time. For a whole year to achieve the same standby energy consumption as a standard filter coffee maker

Water and heat

Now it's getting a little geeky...

Not only does the conventional filter brewer waste a lot of energy, it actually also makes a worse cup of coffee.

This is because water changes when it sits for so long in a kettle under constant heating.

More specifically, the water's mineral content begins to separate, and it actually begins to lose its oxygen content as well. Overall, it simply means that the taste of the water changes.


Minerals in the water

When the water sits in the kettle under constant heat, it becomes dull and flat - and basically the taste of your coffee is affected by this.

Calcium and magnesium are the most common soluble substances in hard water. The amount of the two substances is what determines the hardness of the water. In some water you can also find iron and manganese ions.

What happens in a conventional kettle when the water is heated is that the amount of magnesium (which is actually suitable for the taste of the coffee) and lime is reduced. This can cause damage to the brewer while also affecting the taste, which can be avoided if the kettle is removed and you use filtered water.

hænder med vanddråbe hænder med vanddråbe

Ambitious solutions

We love when people create technology that makes coffee taste great. And that is exactly what we and our customers experience with the 3TEMP coffee makers.

Then it is just icing on the cake that it is actually better for the environment and your electricity bill.

It's fantastic to be able to combine state-of-the-art technology with a love of craftsmanship in making coffee that tastes great.

The 3TEMP coffee brewers and the team behind them match our aspirations and ambitions to make your coffee experience as good as possible.


The figures we present here are from our own measurements. They have not been verified by a third party and are measured in our roastery simply to be able to compare the difference between a filter brewer with a kettle and a filter brewer without a kettle.

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