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Documentation and compliance

Full transparency

We keep nothing secret from you and we are happy to share our data.

transparency report

full transparency

Our data is available

In an industry with a high risk of poor living conditions and unnecessary climate stress, transparency is our most important tool.

That is why we publish our purchase prices and climate impact every year - and there are no hidden links in our value chain. All our data is free to use for your own reporting and climate accounts.

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We are compliant


Our coffee fully meets new requirements from the EU, and we have the necessary documentation you need. With us as a coffee supplier, you get full insight into the impact of your coffee on the environment and people.

You can be absolutely sure that your coffee has not led to deforestation, child or slave labor - and our climate impact is far below the industry standard.

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What does your coffee emit?

The climate report

We help you calculate your CO2 emissions and savings for your climate accounting for internal operations.

We have calculated and compensated for all our emissions in scope 1, scope 2 and the most relevant in scope 3. We can offer a net-zero coffee, which has a CO2 reduction of more than 96%.

Our customer saved +100 tons of CO2 in the first six months after they switched to CleverCoffee.

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CleverCoffee is certified B Corp

Certified accountability

We have B Corp's verification that our coffee fights poverty.

This is documented by the fact that B Lab has specifically audited us by comparing our contracts for coffee and invoices from the coffee farms with data from

You can therefore be 100% sure that as a customer of CleverCoffee you contribute to everyone on the coffee farm being paid a salary that is above the living wage.

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Responsible coffee in the office

Every cup has an impact

Coffee from CleverCoffee is an obvious opportunity to get your employees closer to the company's responsible agenda. And every single cup makes a well-documented positive difference.

Coffee is close to the individual employee and something tangible in everyday life. Now the colleagues gather about the company's responsible choice.

Coffee solution at clevercoffee

We offer:


Exceptionally tasty and responsible coffee

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Certified accountability that gives peace of mind

CO2-neutral or organic?

Two coffees, each with its own impact

1 kg kaffepose med impact no. 01

CO2-neutral coffee beans from Brazil


In this coffee you will find a round, rich and sweet taste with notes of chocolate and caramel. This is a real crowd pleaser that you can easily serve on any occasion.

The coffee is verified CO2-neutral according to the Net-Zero Standard (SBTi).

Here they drink CleverCoffee in the office:

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More than just coffee

Extra services as a business customer

transparency report

Transparency Report

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Lars Frello holder kaffesmagning

Coffee tasting



We are completely transparent throughout our value chain. If you want to dive down the rabbit hole, you can read our latest Transparency Report here.

Our B Corp certification is a third-party guarantee that we are a responsible company. With the certification, we have documentation that we:

1. Alleviates poverty in the producing countries

2. Increases biodiversity in the production countries

You can read much more about our responsibility here .

Yes, we can - and we are very happy to do so.

If you simply write an email to and describe your current coffee consumption, we can calculate the CO2 savings you will get if you switch to our coffee.

When you are a business customer with us, you receive an annual statement of the CO2 savings you have achieved in the past year.

Yes, we are happy to share all our documentation with you. It includes i.a. what payment the farmer has received, what emissions the coffee has caused, GPS coordinates of the coffee farm, so that it is guaranteed to be free of deforestation, and all other documentation you need.

Training and communication

Yes, we are happy to come and help with the training of your staff. That way, they can brew and present the coffee in the best possible way - and both parties are happy.

As a business customer, you also get access to our e-learning platform CleverCoffee Learn. The platform consists of a large number of courses with text and video, which describe how your coffee machine works, is cleaned and maintained, stories from the coffee farm and tips and tricks for coffee brewing.

The e-learning platform functions as supplementary training for your staff - but can also be accessed from the phone when the "how was it just now..." questions pop up in everyday life.

Yes, when you become a business customer with us, you will receive a complete communication package with images and texts, which can be used on your channels to talk about your new coffee solution.

You have the option of having various printed materials sent, e.g. our annual Transparency Report, which is full of exciting articles and great pictures, and which works really well as a coffee table book. It has many customers lying in front where they serve the coffee.

Of course, we would also very much like to work with you on an external story - and if you want tailored communication materials, we can do that too.

We are happy to do a coffee tasting for you - even if you are not a customer (yet). Write to and we can arrange a coffee tasting either on our premises or at your place. If there is potential for collaboration, the coffee tasting is absolutely free.

The technical

Yes, we are of course very happy to help with the full installation of your equipment.

Yes. Although our machines are very reliable, accidents can of course happen. A typical service agreement entails a reaction time of max. 8 hours - and we are happy to help with both small and large challenges.

You can always catch us on the phone, and you can expect us to be available and present.

Yes. On most machines, you can advantageously make a leasing agreement - and many of our customers prioritize this. The terms of the agreement depend on the machines. If you have any questions about a possible leasing agreement, please feel free to write to us at:

Yes. We can install monitoring equipment on the coffee machines, so that we from the roastery can keep an eye on your consumption of coffee and the condition of the machines. This way we can ensure that there is always coffee in stock, and we are automatically warned if a machine needs service.

Yes. We have good collaborations with other B Corp certified companies that make both tea and hot chocolate in very high quality with a very high degree of responsibility. In this way, you can get a complete solution for hot drinks with an overall consistency of quality and responsibility.