Heylo espressomodul

Semi-automatic and boilerless


Heylo is one of the best espresso coffee solutions we've ever seen. It is a hybrid solution with espresso and milk frothing in modules.

It is user-friendly, delicious, compact, allows for an extreme level of detail in the settings, and then it solves one of the biggest problems of espresso machines: power consumption .

The smartest espresso setup you've ever seen

Flexible and responsible espresso

Would you like a simple, delicious espresso setup in the office? Then you can make do with one espresso module and one milk module from Heylo.

On the other hand, do you want a larger setup for a coffee bar or a restaurant? Then you can easily — and continuously — add as many modules as you need.

Huge savings on energy consumption

This is where Heylo really stands out, because with Heylo you can save up to 90% of energy consumption compared to all other espresso setups on the market. Instead of having to heat a tank of water up to 120 degrees — and keep the temperature there — Heylo only draws in the amount of water you need.

The machine is developed based on induction technology, so you don't have to wait for the machine to heat up before you can enjoy your morning coffee.

It simply means that you can recoup the price of the machine, just by using the reduced electricity bill.

Heylo also has easy and environmentally friendly cleaning. Sensors in the machine tell what needs to be cleaned, and it uses biodegradable cleaning products.

Heylo espressomoduler

Espresso coffee in class

The coffee module

Do you want easy coffee?

Turn the wheel to choose the coffee you would like. Press the button and vupti: delicious espresso.

Would you like to spice up your espresso? You can become an administrator on your Heylo module and fine-tune parameters for each individual shot in the machine's back settings.

heylo espressomodul og mælkemodul

The milk module

Milk foam the way you want it

A cappuccino, anyone?

Heylo steams your milk itself, just as well as an experienced barista – and it does it perfectly every time. Like the espresso module, it is easy and simple to use.

It can have two types of milk connected and different settings for them. So you can easily get a velvety smooth flat white, regardless of whether you like cow's milk or oat drink.

Heylo mælkemodul og espressomodul

user-friendly semi-automatic espresso machine

So easy you don't need a manual

... but advanced enough that you can brew a real barista coffee.

In fact, Heylo was developed in collaboration with former barista world champion, Agnieszka Rojewska. The combination can give you delicious barista coffee at home in your own kitchen.

A hybrid

Equipment should make it easy to brew coffee

Heylo's espresso setup is a hybrid — that is, something in between a fully automatic and semi-automatic.

The machine is made up of modules which are put together using strong magnets on the side. You can therefore adapt the size of your setup to exactly what you need. Start e.g. with one espresso module and one milk module and add more of each if you need it.

This also means that should something happen to the machine, you can just replace the part that is broken. That, combined with the low energy consumption, makes Heylo a good choice for a sustainable coffee machine.

Under development

Heylo is developing new software for their machines so that your espresso machine can come online. This means that we would be able to assist and adjust your machine remotely.

Through that connection, you can, among other things, send new recipes to the machine. When you receive a new coffee from us, we can therefore send the adjustments directly to your machine, so that your coffee tastes optimal.

You can also keep an eye on the machine's sensors and send preventive technical assistance if something is afoot. And we can send you new coffee calculated according to your consumption, so that you never run out.

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