Filterkaffe bryggeguide

Filter coffee brew guide

Most people probably have a filter machine in the kitchen already - and with the right beans you can easily make a good cup of coffee.
Espresso bryggeguide

Espresso brew guide

Italian coffee brewed under pressure. See here how to brew the perfect espresso.
French Press bryggeguide

French Press Brew Guide

An alternative way to use the plunger jug ​​you probably have on the shelf at home. Follow our video or step-by-step guide.
Chemex Bryggeguide

Chemex Brew Guide

Chemex is a favorite brewer here with us. The simple pour-over technique helps to create a nice cup of coffee.
Hario bryggeguide

Hario brew guide

With V60, you get a lovely transparent taste in the coffee, where you can really experience all the nuances.
Er du til håndbryg? Her er en bryggeguide til den smarte Aeropress brygger.

AeroPress brew guide

With Aeropress, you can always brew a fresh cup of coffee, regardless of whether it is at work, for classes or in nature.