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Exciting secrets

Regular surprises

As something new, our subscribers regularly get an extra surprise in their shipment. It can be a bag of an exclusive micro lot coffee, or a gift from some of our business partners.

We have prepared some really good surprises for 2024 - you can start looking forward to it.

People are different

... and that is why we also have different subscription solutions. Either way, you get delicious specialty coffee every month.

We offer three types of subscriptions:

Explorer Standard

Explorer High Volume

Roast Master

Our Explorer Standard subscription is for you who would like to try something exciting and new specialty coffee. Every month we send you 2x250g of the Coffee of the Month - which is sometimes even exclusive to the Explorer subscription - and we make sure that you get all the good knowledge about coffee in the newsletter.

The Explorer High Volume subscription is like the Explorer subscription, but just for you who want more coffee. You get 1kg of the coffee of the month with this subscription.

The Roast Master subscription is for you who always want to have coffee in stock and don't care too much about which one it is. You get whatever specialty coffee we have lying around at a cheaper price.

Responsible coffee - what does it mean?

We do not compromise with our coffee, and therefore we do not refer to our coffee as sustainable coffee either. That's because we prefer to express accountability. This means, among other things, that we deal directly with farmers and pay them a decent price that they can actually live on.

In addition, we are also facing the climate crisis. This means that we buy coffee that is grown in ways that do not worsen the climate. This is seen, for example, in coffee, which is cultivated or naturally grows in forests (agroforestry) rather than cleared agriculture. When the coffee is grown in the forest, it grows in the shade (shade-grown), which gives the coffee some very specific flavor notes and increases biodiversity in the area.

In addition, we also work to reduce our own footprint on the climate. It helps that we look at our CO2 emissions every year and find out how we can reduce it. For example, we always choose to have our coffee sent on cargo ships rather than airplanes, because the CO2 emissions are much lower that way.

The knowledge we present as our responsibility is always available to you in our Transparency Report. We make a new one every year, so you can always follow our development and progress.


We endeavor to send all orders no later than the following business day after your order has been placed. In the event that this cannot be done, you will be contacted by us. You will also be notified when your shipment is on its way.

We ship via PostNord, and the expected delivery time is 1-2 working days. During peak seasons or around public holidays, there may be short delays. If your item is not in stock, the delivery time may be extended.

When it comes to roasted coffee beans, we unfortunately cannot offer returns, regardless of whether the seal is broken or not.

By default, we ship all subscriptions on the first Wednesday of each month.

ATTENTION! When a new subscription is taken out, the coffee is sent immediately – unless the subscription is ordered on or after the 25th of a given month. When ordering on or after the 25th, you will receive your first delivery of coffee subscription at the same time as everyone else - i.e. on the first Wednesday of the following month.

However, you can contact us at if you wish to receive a shipment of the current month's coffee.

If you order the coffee before the 25th of a given month, you will receive your coffee subscription for the current month. So if you order the coffee on 15 March, you will receive the coffee a few days later.

If you order the coffee on or after the 25th of a given month, you will only receive the coffee for the next month. So if you order on 25 March, you will receive your coffee subscription delivery on the first Wednesday in April.

If you want the coffee from the current month, when you order after the 25th, you can send us an email at and ask if we have more in stock.

Your subscription can be paused at any time, and there are no fees for pausing or resuming.

You received an email during the creation of your subscription with a link to your subscription overview. To pause your subscription for a single month, you simply go in and skip the next delivery in your subscription overview, where you manage your subscription.

You can also find your subscription overview on the home page of your CleverCoffee user if you have created one.

If you want to pause the subscription for a longer period of time, you can write to us and we will help you pause it for the period of time you want.

If there is something that is teasing or you have questions, please contact us at .

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

You have received an email in connection with the creation of your subscription. In the email there is a link which gives access to your subscription overview. Here you can cancel your subscription.

You can also access your subscription overview on the website from your CleverCoffee user if you have created one.


We're geeks so you don't have to be

It takes over 10,000 hours to become really good at something. Since 2014, we have spent every waking minute specializing and upskilling ourselves in coffee.

Our foremost mission is to make the coffee adventure easily accessible and simple for you. But of course we also love it when you want to geek out with us.

That is why we have made brewing guides for you.