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CleverCoffees ceo, Lars Frello og head of coffee, Lindy Brogaard

About clevercoffee

CleverCoffee is an award-winning coffee roastery, established in 2014. As a certified B Corp company, we use our primary business to create a positive impact on the world. We are legally obligated to have a significant positive impact on society and the environment as a whole.

We buy directly from coffee farms around the world, and we pay a quality bonus for the coffee, so that the coffee farmers can also develop their business in a responsible way.

We work actively to reduce our Co2 footprint and are, among other things, part of NetZero 2030. We roast all our coffee at our own roastery on the world's most environmentally friendly coffee roasters.

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Our coffee

At CleverCoffee we buy, roast and sell coffee. We gently roast the highest quality beans available.

It gives the opportunity to taste the difference in where the coffee comes from, how it is processed, roasted and brewed. There are no flavor enhancers here, just the pure product.

We describe our coffee as light roasted specialty coffee, and we think that is coffee in the best and most honest way.

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We have set out to run a company that makes an effort to buy, roast and sell coffee in a responsible manner. We do this with full transparency and by challenging the usual way coffee is traded.

The coffee you buy at CleverCoffee leaves a well-documented, positive imprint on the world.

Our history

Time line

Lars Frello, CEO og Founder af CleverCoffee

The garage in Viby

For 27 years, the founder and CEO of CleverCoffee had yet to drink a cup of coffee he liked. But a dear friend introduced the cocoa-drinking Lars Frello to specialty coffee, and he has never looked back.

In 2014, he bought his first coffee roaster, and gradually he ended up buying a roaster, which led to the family moving to the small village of Fillerup.

Meet the team

Lars Frello, CEO og founder af CleverCoffee

Lars Frello

CEO & Partner
+ 45 42 52 06 22

Lindy Brogaard, Heaf of Coffee og partner i CleverCoffee

Lindy Brogaard

Head of Coffee & Partner
+45 71 96 37 47

Kristian, Digital koordinator

Christian Thomassen

Digital Coordinator
+45 26 73 80 85

Sebastian, risteassistent og barista

Sebastian Bjørnestad

Roasting assistant

Johanne, kommunikationsmedarbejder

Johanne Thygesen

Communications Assistant

Peter, koordinator

Peter Hou


Cecilie, studiemedarbejder

Cecilie Frandsen


Freja Bruun


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