heylo espressomodul kedelfri espressomaskine
2 stk heylo kaffemoduler kedelfri espressomaskine
heylo espressomodul og mælkemodul kedelfri espressomaskine og mælkeskummer
heylo kaffemodul kedelfri espressomaskine
2 stk heylo kaffemoduler og et mælkemodul, kedelfri espressomaskine og mælkeskummer
Heylo mælkemodul og espressomodul
Heylo espressomodul


Heylo Coffee Module

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Innovative and energy-efficient "hybrid" espresso machine, which makes espresso of the highest quality.

  • Super detailed settings let you experiment with recipes in a whole new way
  • The machine does not need to be heated beforehand, so your espresso is ready in just a few seconds
  • Can be combined with Heylo's milk module to achieve a complete hybrid espresso setup

With a setup from Heylo you can save up to 90% of energy consumption.

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Heylo has launched a brand new espresso setup. We call it a hybrid: something in between fully automatic and semi-automatic. In addition to ease of use, beautiful design, and the possibility of detailed settings, Heylo solves one of the biggest problems of espresso machines: power consumption.

With a Heylo setup you can save up to 90% of energy consumption compared to other espresso setups. It offers a unique opportunity to reduce electricity bills and thus also your carbon consumption.

The Coffee Module

The visual side of Heylo's espresso module is super simple and user-friendly. You simply turn the wheel to choose the recipe for the cup of coffee you would like. Then you press the button and voila! Delicious espresso.

Do you want to create your very own unique coffee?

Would you like to tweak the recipes for your espresso? Then you can become an administrator on your Heylo module and go into the machine's back settings. Here you can fine-tune many more parameters for each individual shot than you can on other espresso machines. You can adjust the pressure (even during the shot), the temperature (also during the shot), flow, pre-infusion, etc. We have never before seen a machine with this level of flexibility!

The espresso machine offers a very high degree of control and flexibility, so you have the opportunity to experiment and create taste experiences like never before. You can brew espresso in completely new ways.

If you don't feel like it, we'll be happy to do it for you so your coffee is just right.

This machine can therefore do both: It can be so easy that you just have to press a button. Or, you can adjust every single detail in the recipe of your espresso. 

Suggestions for Your Grinder

As the Heylo is not a fully automatic machine, you need a coffee grinder. The espresso module, on the other hand, gives suggestions for the settings for your grinder depending on the recipe and your coffee.

Design Your Own

Heylo is developing the possibility that you can design the sides panels on your espresso setup. Using plates that match the magnets built into the sides of the modules, you can easily design the look of your espresso setup.