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Drink your coffee from cups made from recycled coffee husks. They are responsible and at the same time have a cool design.

Sustainable Coffee Cups

Drink your coffee from cups made from recycled coffee husks.

Meet our favourite coffee cup! It is beautiful, good to drink from, and it has a really good story.

Coffee husks are the husks that remain on the coffee beans after they have been dried, and which are normally simply removed and thrown away. Huskee turns this leftover product into coffee cups.

The cups are intended as future replacements for the to-go cups, but they can also easily be used in other setups, for example in your company office or at home.

In 2018, Huskee won the Good Design Award for being the best in design and innovation. And they are B-Corp certified. So it gives you a stylish and sustainable cup – what's not to like?

Three different sizes

The Huskee cups are available in 3 different sizes, all of which are available in the light natural color and in a black charcoal color. That way you can get just the look you like best.

The lids can be used on all three sizes, and they are also available in both colours.



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Huskee 1 cup with lid - 6oz
Sale price$13.00 USD
Huskee 4pack without lid - 8oz
Sale price$41.00 USD
Huskee 1 Cup with Lid - 12oz
Sale price$17.00 USD
Huskee 4pack without lid - 12oz
Sale price$48.00 USD
Huskee 4pack without lid - 6oz
Sale price$36.00 USD
Huskee 1 Cup with Lid - 8oz
Sale price$14.00 USD
Huskee Lid 4pack
Sale price$16.00 USD
4 stk 6oz Huskee kopper i natur

6 oz

A Familiar Size

The size corresponds to a typical coffee cup. Huskee especially recommends these for espresso and filter coffee.

Would you like to serve your coffee in sustainable cups? Find a set or two and create a lineup at home, in the office or put them in your next picnic basket.

8oz Huskee kop i sort med låg

8 oz

Wakey Wakey

Is the coffee machine far away? This cup can hold just a little more liquid, so that you're ready to tackle the day. Absolutely perfect for filter or a good café latte.

This size in Charcoal with the lid is one of Huskee's own bestsellers, and we understand why!

Huskee kopper, kaffeposer og aeroporess i kaffebaren

Huskee Has a Cool Mission

They Wan To Reduce Waste

Huskee is part of the B team. B Corp certified, just like us, and with a mission to make a positive difference in the world.

Huskee reduces waste in several aspects, both waste from coffee production and the overproduction that disposable cups generate.

12oz Huskee kop i natur med låg

12 oz


This cup is for a large potion of coffee.

If you grab a version with a lid, it's perfect as a small thermos to take on the go. This way, you're sure not to run out of coffee right away!

Huskee låg i sort

Lids for the To-Go Cup

Because the Huskee cups are designed as to-go cups, there are also lids for all the cups. The lids fit all 3 sizes and are available in both the natural color and charcoal.

A strong rubber ring keeps the lid in place and the cup tight — perfect for taking on the go!

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Exchange Your Cup

Huskee wants to reduce waste in the coffee industry and make a positive difference in the world. They do this by reducing waste from the coffee production itself and by reducing the overproduction that disposable cups generate.

To further optimise their system, they have introduced a swap system: HuskeeSwap. In the places that use HuskeeSwap, you can hand in your own cup and have your coffee delivered in a new one. The cafes clean the cups and send them back to Huskee for recycling when they are worn out. In this way, you help the cafes to avoid disposable cups, maintain hygiene standards and ensure that you always have a cup in good condition. Win-win!

You can find the nearest exchange point with the HuskeeSwap app and get a new cup filled with coffee.

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