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Innovative filter coffee of the best quality


Do you need to brew larger quantities of filter coffee for the office, restaurant, cafe or events? And at the same time, do you want tasty coffee of the highest quality?

Then 3TEMP's coffee machines are the absolute best for the job.

Energy-saving machines and tasty coffee

Innovative and user-friendly filter coffee

3TEMP originates in Sweden, where the founders combine their past in the coffee business with their passion for sustainability. They wanted to create a responsible coffee machine at a level that baristas worldwide would be satisfied with.

3TEMP's machines brew without boilers – and this means that you save enormously on power consumption.

When the coffee is responsibly traded and roasted, the most energy-consuming part is actually the coffee brewing itself. Actually, it is approx. 70% of the co2e emissions that occur during the actual brewing. So if you want to optimize energy, it is therefore clear to prefer a machine without a boiler.

3TEMP puls filterkaffebrygger


3TEMP har gennemgået en omfattende livscyklus-analyse af deres Hipster PULS. Ifølge LCA'en dokumenteres en forventet levetid på 20 år.

Det sætter en stor streg under filterbryggerens kvalitet og langtidsholdbare design.



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3TEMP Hipster Filters (500pcs)
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3TEMP puls filterkaffebrygger

Hipster Pulse

Voted best brewer

The 3TEMP Hipster PULS has been voted the best all-round filter coffee machine at the UK Coffee Awards 2022.

It is for good reason.

Hipster PULS can brew filter coffee as if it were hand brewed.

With Hipster PULS, you have a much greater degree of control over the taste in a nice user-friendly way. It excels in many areas and is our firm recommendation for coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and even offices.

3TEMP setup Hipster Wall

Hipster Wall

Delivers coffee from the top shelf

Get all the benefits from the technology in a 3TEMP Hipster PULS, but in a compact wall-mounted model. It gives you flexibility in height, so you can decide whether it should fit a larger thermodispenser or a smaller coffee pot.

You can still brew excellent filter coffee in an easy and user-friendly way. Here, the water unit is simply hidden under the tabletop or behind the wall.

3TEMP setup PULS og Bentwood kaffekværn 3TEMP kobra filterkaffebrygger

Easy to brew a new coffee

Get the recipe sent directly to your machine

With 3TEMP's filter machine, you can brew according to different recipes. Using their innovative technology, we can now send the recipe for your coffee from the roastery directly to your coffee machine.

You can of course use the pre-installed standard recipes, but if you want to get more in-depth with your coffee brewing, that is certainly also an option.

3TEMP hipster UC filterkaffebrygger

Hipster UC

Minimalist design

With Hipster UC you get all the technical and innovative advantages of the Hipster series, but with a new and minimalist design.

Store your water unit away under the kitchen or cafe table and save space, while still being able to brew filter coffee in a quality far above standard.

It's a Win-Win situation!

3TEMP kobra filterkaffebrygger

Hipster Cobra

Save both energy and space

With the Hipster Kobra model, you get all the benefits of the Hipster UC in a narrower design.

Save space on the table by hiding your heating unit under the table surface and get a filter brewer in a narrow, adjustable design. In this way, your brewing head can be adjusted to suit the height of your coffee dispenser.

3TEMP hipster filterkaffebrygger med termodispenser

Hipster 1-Group

The Original

Meet the first of its kind: The original Hipster model at 3TEMP.

The first machine from 3TEMP to enter the specialty coffee market. It still brews great!

Innovative thermotechnology

Save electricity with boiler-free design

3TEMP's Hipster is a coffee machine that your electricity bill will be excited about. It is extremely energy-saving.

A 3TEMP Hipster only heats water when it is asked to brew. This is in contrast to ordinary larger filter coffee brewers, which constantly keep a kettle of liters of water at a temperature just below the boiling point.

The hipster uses very accurate thermal blocks instead. It only draws the water into the machine when it is asked to brew, and then heats the water to the desired temperature.

These thermoblocks deliver very precise temperature control and use significantly less energy. This results in a much lower energy consumption than with conventional filter coffee makers.

lysristede kaffebønner

Perfect coffee recipes

3TEMP's filter machines can brew according to different recipes, depending on what suits the coffee you are brewing. We can send the recipe straight from the roastery directly to your coffee machine.

As part of our service, the filter machine comes with a recipe that matches exactly the coffee you are brewing with.

Would you like to try a new coffee from our range? Just let us know and we'll send the coffee by post and the recipe directly to the machine, and then you're ready to brew again. Bon appetite!

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