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Perfect tamping every time


Tamping a freshly ground shot is an important piece of the puzzle behind the perfect shot of espresso. But the repetitive, manual hand tamping is a thing of the past!

PUQpress has created the world's first automatic coffee steamer. A tamping tool that promises to deliver precision and consistency every time you tamp.

The barista's best friend

Serve world-class coffee with PUQpress

Do you experience great variation in the taste of your coffee? Even if both your machine and your grinder are top quality?

PUQpress has several options, so you can get a setup exactly for your needs: the Q-series and the mini stand on their own, whereas the M-series is made to stand together with your grinder.

The taste can be very different, depending on how you tamp your coffee. The best thing you can do for your coffee brewing is therefore to make sure that your tamp is uniform and perfect with each and every brew.

This is precisely why the best cafés in the world use PUQpress, so that each and every espresso is world-class.

PUQpress tamps the coffee perfectly every time - flat and completely horizontal. It tamps with exactly the same pressure every single time, and you can of course adjust the pressure so that the coffee hits just the right taste. You can make world-class coffee, whether it's for a cafe latte, a cortado, a flat white or something completely different with an automatic espresso tamper.

The best baristas in the world don't tamper manually either.



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PUQpress Q2
Sale price8.495 DKK
PUQpress Q1
Sale price6.795 DKK
PUQpress Mini
Sale price4.795 DKK
PUQpress M6 for Mythos
Sale price8.695 DKK
PUQpress M5 - E80 Supreme
Sale price8.695 DKK
PUQpress M4 - F64/F83
Sale price6.495 DKK
PUQpress M3 - E65S/E65S GBW
Sale price8.595 DKK
PUQpress M2 - Mythos 1/2
Sale price8.295 DKK
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setup for home

PUQpress Mini

If you want to take your setup to the next level, this fully automatic tamper is perfect for you. The PUQpress Mini is perfect for the passionate home barista.

It tamps your coffee to perfection in 1.3 seconds. Then you are ready to put your feet up at home and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in absolute top class.

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Further development

PUQpress Q1

PUQpress Q1 is a perfect tool for a more uniform tamp – fast and of high quality. The piston size is 58.3mm, which is a perfect fit for IMS and VST filter curves.

The new Q1 model is a further development of the older version, where you get all the best - just at a lower price. Avoid physical strain and get a perfect tamp every time with PUQpress Q1.

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Nuova Simonelli Mythos 1 & 2

PUQpress M2 Mythos 1/2

PUQpress M2 – Mythos 1/2 gives you the option to combine your espresso tamper and your grinder. This model fits under a Nuova Simonelli Mythos One or Two.

You save space on the table in your café, while you get a perfect result with every single brew.

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The take-back concept

The sustainable cycle

At CleverCoffee, sustainability is the hallmark of all our decisions. It is not limited to individual parts of our business or products, but is a cycle that we constantly think ourselves into.

That is why we are introducing a take back concept on our PUQpress models.

What does it mean? In short, this means that we will not let resources go to waste. You therefore have the option of returning your PUQpress back to us. We will refund half the purchase price if you buy a new PUQpress at the same time.

We make sure that your returned PUQpress gets a new lease of life so that it can be used again by a new owner. A sustainable, transparent choice that benefits both you, us and the planet.

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Mahlkönig e65s gbw

PUQpress M3 - E65s / E65S GBW

PUQpress M3 – E65S/E65S GBW fits right under a Mahlkönig E65S/E65S GBW grinder. If you use that grinder in your café, you can get a fantastic combination with PUQpress' M3 model.

Optimize your work and your space - and make one perfect cup of coffee after the next.

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Fiorenzato F64/F83

PUQpress M4 - F64/F83

PUQpress M4 – F64/F83 is a further development of the Q1 model, which is designed to fit under a Fiorenzato F64/F83 grinder.

Get the most out of the space in your coffee shop by combining your grinder and espresso tamper. Then you only have to think about serving delicious coffee and a good atmosphere.

For home or the coffee shop

Our fully automatic espresso tampers from PUQpress suit different needs.

Whether you have the flexibility to design your own workflow or need an integrated solution that can fit directly into your existing setup, PUQpress has an automatic tamper to suit you.

Common to all the models is that they provide a uniform tamping, while at the same time you avoid physical strain from the manual tamping. In this way, you can create the perfect match between tamper and grinder with the model that fits the grinder in your coffee shop.

The biggest difference between the models in the Q series is the capacity. In the M line you will find the model that fits your favorite grinder.

Find the perfect tamper

Should it be a Mini for the home, a Q2 or M5 for the coffee shop?

If you are in doubt, we would like to give you our guidance so that you go home with the best purchase. Finally, contact us so we can dive into the world of coffee together.

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