puqpress mini i hvid, autotamper til espresso
puqpress mini i sort, autotamper til espresso


PUQpress Mini

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PUQpress Mini is the perfect Wingman for your home espresso setup. Tamp perfectly flat and completely horizontal every time.

  • Tamps with the same pressure regardless of how much coffee you use in the portafilter
  • Adjustable pressure – find the optimal point for you and hit it every time
  • Compact and user friendly

PUQPress produces 75,000 numbered tampings - perfect for the home or the small café.

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Perfect espresso at home! Act like a professional barista and brew espresso like in the best cafes in the world.

The best thing you can do for your barista setup at home is to tamp consistently. You have a good machine, you have a good grinder, but still there is great variety in your coffee. To become good at something, it is said that you have to practice for 10,000 hours - but no longer!

PUQpress has launched a home edition that tamps to perfection. Every time. The best baristas in the world don't tamp manually - they use PUQpress.

A small difference in your tamp has a big impact on the taste of your espresso shot. With a Mini, you get a precise tamp every time, so your coffee will be perfect.

So whether you want the perfect Cortado, Capuccino, Flat white or Cafe latte, it starts with the shot of espresso. If you can make it exactly the same way every time, then you can repeat the perfect shot of espresso and that is what the PUQpress Mini does for you. It tamps exactly the same way every time.

PUQPress mini also works with a "naked" or bottomless portafilter.

If you use a filter basket in the standard size 58mm, we recommend that you upgrade with a precision basket from IMS/Kees van der Westen in 58.3mm

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Typical delivery: 1-2 business days 4.8 ☆ on Trustpilot Pay with Mobilepay
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