bentwood kaffekværn
PuqPress og Bentwood kaffekværn
PuqPress og Bentwood kaffekværn
bentwood kaffekværn
bentwood kaffekværn
bentwood kaffekværn i kaffebar setup med espressomaskine ved siden af


Bentwood Vertical 63

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The Bentwood Vertical 63 is in all respects our preferred coffee grinder. One of the only options for a grinder that actually works for both espresso and filter.

  • Unique and precise adjustment of the degree of grinding
  • Bentwood specific knives which ensure a more uniform shape of the particles
  • Ensures uniformity, taste experience and brewing quality of an unmatched caliber!

In the roastery, Bentwood Vertical 63 is used for:

  • Daily brewing of coffee
  • Cupping and quality control
  • Brewing for competitions
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Bentwood Vertical 63 is a grinder of the absolute highest quality.

It is our favourite coffee grinder in the roastery - and for good reason. The degree of grinding is important when you need to brew a good cup of coffee. This grinder from Bentwood makes it easy for you to experiment with it, while still getting a good result.

Precise adjustment of the grinding
Bentwood has a unique setup where you can precisely adjust the grinding of the coffee. You can read the distance between the knives on the built-in measuring unit, so you can easily return to exactly the same setting. This makes it incredibly easy to switch between different coffees for brews ranging from espresso to filter.

The grinder is therefore perfectly suited for both single-dose and timer-dose from a full hopper, both for espresso and filter.

Specifications in the cutters and knives
The knives are mounted vertically so that the coffee easily moves through the knives and out of the outlet. This minimises the retention that is normally experienced when the knives are mounted horizontally. The outlet, which is made of aluminium, ensures that you get the ground coffee delivered directly into the portafilter without getting coffee all over it. The same applies when you grind for filter coffee.

The blades on the knives have been specially developed by Bentwood and ensure a more uniform shape of the particles they create. This ensures a more uniform extraction and more sweetness in the taste than we experience on other grinders.

Made of solid aluminium
Likewise, the coffee grinder is made of solid aluminum and has been produced with great accuracy, so that the grinder blades sit perfectly opposite each other. It is very important for how the coffee is ground, and therefore also for the taste of the coffee. Another place where this grinder from Bentwood excels.