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B Corp

Among the most responsible in the world

But what does B Corp really mean?

B Corp is your guarantee that you serve honest coffee

Documented accountability

The B Corp certification is, in our opinion, the world's most stringent third-party verification, which guarantees that you buy your coffee from a responsible company.

When you buy coffee at CleverCoffee, you help create a positive impact on coffee farmers around the world.

We don't just want to be the best in the world, but the best FOR the world.

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Proud to be..

Part of the B team

At CleverCoffee, we are proud to be part of the B Corp movement.

It is reserved for a few, strong-willed companies who dare to go the extra step and let sustainability and responsibility be basic elements of their business.

And as a customer with us, you are part of the movement!

Who would have thought that the B team is the hardest team to get on?

B Corp is the documentation that we take responsibility

CleverCoffee changes the coffee industry for the better - both for the coffee farms and for the environment. It can be said as simply as that. One of the ways we do this is by documenting our efforts, i.a. with our B Corp certification.

It starts with proper payment

The overriding problem with the coffee industry is that coffee farmers all over the world are underpaid to such an extent that it is impossible for them to survive. In fact, the majority of coffee farms in the world live below the poverty line and it is impossible for them to see a positive future. They can't pay their workers a decent wage, and they can't develop their crops and equipment. In this way, the coffee farms and their employees are kept in poverty with no prospects for job security, a better standard of living or development of their coffee farm. We can help change that - one cup of coffee at a time.

Everything else is secondary

Our solution is to start by paying the farmers the price they need to raise their standard of living and run a financially sustainable business. It is therefore not the solution for the coffee farms that we soon demand one and soon the other certification before we pay the real price for an exquisite quality product. We believe that a more direct and transparent trade with the coffee farms is the only way forward.

It requires close cooperation with the farmers - and in order to achieve the B Corp certification with this primary business model, it makes great demands that we document our work.

In order to deal directly with the coffee farms with full transparency, it is crucial to build a good relationship and close cooperation. A close collaboration with the farmers gives us a unique insight into the coffee farmers' farm, their working conditions and their development. If we work closely with the farmers on both development and quality, we ensure that the coffee farms also have a viable and healthy business in the future - and that we continue to have access to some of the world's best coffee.

What about the environment?

As part of CleverCoffee's B Corp certification, our footprint on nature has also been carefully considered.

Here, we have chosen to see things from a more nuanced perspective than just certified ecology. It is also best for the environment to focus on reducing water pollution and on working with soil analyses, so that only the amount of fertilizer that is needed is added.

The fact that the coffee plants grow in the shadows of larger trees - so-called Shade Grown Coffee - is also one of the keys to creating a balanced CO2 footprint, and at the same time it helps to increase biodiversity on the coffee farm. As an added bonus for us coffee connoisseurs, it actually also gives a boost in the taste quality.

We take a shared responsibility instead of making demands - and it all starts with us paying the farmers a decent price for the coffee, so that they have the opportunity to develop their agriculture and improve their footprint on the environment.

The insight into the work on and around the coffee farms gives us the opportunity to work and think sustainably in all parts of our value chain. And precisely that fact is documented by our B Corp certification.

As a B Corp, we must:

Carry out the B Impact Assessment

The documentation is online in "The B Impact Assessment" tool, which with approx. 200 questions assess our impact on various interest groups; The management, the employees, society, the environment and the customers.

After this, CleverCoffee completed a months-long verification process at B Lab before we were verified in October 2021.

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