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On this page you can easily find all our favorite coffee and espresso machines and equipment. We only offer the machines that we ourselves love.

These machines are some that we ourselves use on a daily basis in the roastery, and therefore know very well.

You don't need to be in any doubt that we have tested them thoroughly.

bentwood kaffekværn

Our favorite grinder

Bentwood Vertical 63

This is without comparison the coffee grinder that makes the coffee taste the best.

It emphasizes sweetness and makes the coffee transparent and balanced. With this grinder, you really have the opportunity to adjust and experiment with the flavors in your coffee, which is why it is also the grinder we prefer in our roastery.

The design is custom made by Bentwood itself and the wood cladding is available in 3 different varieties (or others on request).

Take your coffee geekery to the next level and serve exceptionally tasty coffee.

puqpress mini i sort

Serve world-class coffee with


The best thing you can do for your coffee brewing is to make sure your tamp is consistent and perfect - with every single brew.

This is precisely why the best cafés in the world use PUQpress, so that each and every espresso is world-class. PUQpress tamps the coffee perfectly every time - flat and completely horizontal. It tamps with exactly the same pressure every single time - and you can of course adjust the pressure so that the coffee hits just the right taste.

eversys legacy fuldautomatisk kaffebrygger


Fully automatic with barista quality

Eversys is not a standard machine. It is the best on the market and on par with a real barista.

The Eversys machines offer advanced technology. The machine is set to make coffee just to your liking. After you program the machine, it "learns" and adjusts itself so that it maintains the taste experience that you have programmed - just like a real barista would in a coffee shop. That way, you are sure to always get the perfect cup of coffee, no matter how you prefer it.

The technologically advanced aspect is repeated when steaming milk. The eFoam technology creates microfoam, which gives the perfect texture in the milk foam - every time.

It's actually more than a barista can promise you.

Kees Van der westen

Epressomaskiner på højt niveau

Vil du have et genkendeligt look og fuld manuel kontrol over din espresso-brygning? Så er de ikoniske espressomaskiner her din løsning.

Det hollandske mærke, Kees van der Westen er en solid klassiker, når det kommer til espresso brygning. "Design og detaljer i lige mængder" er deres motto, og maskinerne leverer i både kvalitet, præcision og præstation.

Maskinen er til dig, der gerne have maksimal kontrol og præcision over din espresso og mælkeskumning.

Den perfekte hjemmemaskine

Espresso i køkkenet

Vil du have lækker, velbrygget espresso i hjemmet uden at bruge hele opsparingen på udstyr?

Bellezza er vores bud på den gode, funktionelle og prisoverskuelige espressomaskine til hjemmet. Med 40 års erfaring på den Europæiske marked har Bellezza styr på den stærke, koffeinholdige drik og alle de værktøjer, du har brug for, for at blive din egen yndlingsbarista.

Heylo and 3TMEP

We love boilerless

Save up to 90% of energy consumption with a boilerless espresso or filter machine.

Heylo is our espresso option. Instead of heating a tank of water up to 120 degrees - and keeping the temperature there - Heylo only draws in the amount of water that you need.

The machine is developed based on induction technology, so you don't have to wait for the machine to heat up before you can enjoy your morning coffee.

This simply means that you can recoup the price of the machine, just with the help of the reduced electricity bill – all depending on how many cups are brewed.

Heylo espressomodul og mælkemodul, kedelfri espressomaskine og mælkeskummer

Saves both finances and energy

Rethinking the way we brew

In most coffee shops and offices, the coffee is brewed on machines with so-called boilers. The boiler - or kettle - ensures that the water is kept at a high temperature, so that it can be brewed as soon as the desire for coffee arises. And of course it has its justification.

On the other hand, this function is both expensive financially and in terms of energy.

Fortunately, new technologies are constantly being developed and we are proud to be able to present a boilerless setup that fits perfectly into our responsibility agenda. Using, among other things, induction technology, you can still have a cup of coffee as soon as you feel like it, but without the high energy consumption.

3temp hipster kedelfri filterkaffebrygger med kaffedispenser til at brygge i


Kettle-free filter coffee

A 3TEMP only heats water when it is asked to brew. This is in contrast to ordinary larger filter coffee brewers, which constantly keep a kettle of liters of water at a temperature just below the boiling point.

3TEMP's filter brewer uses very accurate thermoblocks instead. It only draws the water into the machine when it is asked to brew, and then heats the water to the desired temperature.

These thermoblocks deliver very precise temperature control and use significantly less energy. This results in a much lower energy consumption than with conventional filter coffee makers.

Huskee kopper

Meet our favorite coffee cup


A sustainable cup that gives points in the CSR account and at the same time has a cool design.

The Huskee cups are made from recycled coffee husks - coffee husk, as they call it in English. Coffee husks are the husks that remain on the coffee beans after they have been dried, and are normally just removed and thrown away. Huskee turns this leftover product into coffee cups.

The cups are intended as a future replacement for the to-go cups, but they can also easily be used in other setups, e.g. in your company or at home.

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