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Coffee as a gathering point

Coffee from CleverCoffee is an obvious opportunity to get your employees closer to the company's responsibility initiatives.

Good and responsible coffee is pampering for employees in a time when the battle for talent is enormous. Many have productive home working days, and when you are in the office, it is to socialize and build relationships.

Now the colleagues gather about the company's responsible choice.

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Fighting poverty

We do business in an industry where the majority of suppliers live in poverty. It is therefore essential that we are 100% transparent in all aspects.

For us, the level of transparency must answer the most important question: Is the price you pay for the coffee farmer's core service helping to alleviate poverty or not?

We have B Corp's verification that our coffee fights poverty.

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We take responsibility seriously

  • Free from child labour.
  • No land grabbing. The farmers own their production and reap the long-term benefits themselves.
  • Free from deforestation.
  • Fighting poverty on the coffee farm.
  • Better biodiversity on the coffee farm.
  • A completely transparent value chain.

CO2-neutral or organic?

Meet our best-selling coffees

1 kg kaffepose med impact no. 01

CO2-neutral coffee beans from Brazil


In this coffee you will find a round, rich and sweet taste with notes of chocolate and caramel. This is a real crowd pleaser that you can easily serve on any occasion.

The coffee is verified CO2-neutral according to the Net-Zero Standard (SBTi).

Coffee solution at clevercoffee

This is what your solution could look like

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1 kg kaffepose, impact no. 01, caramel og chokolade, co2 neutral, b corp, direkte handlet