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Tips, tricks and training

Do you spend a lot of time training new colleagues?

Get access to our e-learning platform, where you will find courses on everything within coffee brewing, cleaning and maintenance of machines as well as stories from the world of coffee.

We organize a program that suits your machines and needs. Then you can easily access it when you need courses or tips for your coffee brewing.

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What can you read in it?

Become a master in latte art, filter coffee or cleaning and maintaining machines

The e-learning platform is full of courses made up of both video and text and spans many different topics.

The platform is adapted to be accessible from the mobile phone. Then you can easily watch videos or read how to clean your machine or practice making beautiful latte art.

The content on the platform


Cleaning and maintenance of machines

Get instructions on how best to clean your coffee machine so that it lasts as long as possible and continues to deliver delicious coffee.

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