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Coffee tasting and professional presentation

Lindy Brogaard kaffesmagning

Coffee tasting

Taste different specialty coffees

Do you want to hold a pleasant and educational staff event?

We are happy to come and hold a coffee tasting for you and your company. Then you and your colleagues have the opportunity to taste different light-roasted specialty coffees, hear more about flavor notes and experience the wild details and differences in working with good coffee.

Lindy Brogaard til Danish Coffee Festival

Professional presentations

Inspiring presentation on B Corp, CO2 and sustainability.

Are you missing an inspiring presentation for a professional day?

We are happy to come out and talk about sustainable business operations, climate reporting or about being B Corp certified. We are also always ready to talk about the coffee industry and its challenges.

Lars og Lindy

Coffee tasting

Visit us in the roastery

You are of course also very welcome to visit us in our roastery in Fillerup.

In addition to roasting, packing and sending coffee, we also have a larger selection of machines and equipment. Therefore, we can easily hold coffee tastings in special coffee surroundings. In this way, you have the opportunity to get even closer to the process behind your coffee.

Surely there is nothing more atmospheric than drinking a cup of coffee while sitting on a coffee sack?

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Lars Frello holder kaffesmagning

Coffee tasting