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Communication package

In addition to delivering coffee of the highest quality, we can also become a strategic business partner. We help you show and tell about your responsible coffee solution in various forms.

We know that paperwork can be a hassle. Therefore, we also offer to help obtain documentation, assist with CO2 accounts and advise you in the jungle of certifications.

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Info cards and posters

Show that you have prioritized responsible coffee

In continuation of our Transparency Report, we are happy to set up our info card next to your coffee machine. These are small cards that show the coffee's name, variety, processing, the payment the coffee farmer has received - and a small story about the origin of the coffee.

We also have our own posters, which tell the most important of our messages about coffee. They can be a decorative extension of the area around the coffee machine.

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we make it easy to tell the good story

A complete communication package

We've been talking about responsibility and sustainability for as long as we've been roasting coffee.

We know our coffee farmers and the journey behind the coffee bean better than anyone. Therefore, we would like to help you tell that story further.

We are happy to deliver a finished communication package that your HR and marketing teams can take directly from. If you need sparring or feedback on your communication around coffee, we are happy to be available.


Video, images and text

Content ready to use

In our communication package you will find video and pictures from the farms as well as texts with good stories and perspectives about coffee production and responsible coffee.

The content is pre-made and ready to use. You can freely use the package for both SoMe channels and the web, knowing that you deliver professional content while telling the story of the coffee you serve.

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We help you with documentation

Climate reporting

We are happy to help you obtain documentation for the coffee's CO2, environmental impact and other conditions that you would like to include in your own reporting.

Of course, we also provide verifications so that you can safely use the documentation further.

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More than just coffee

Extra services as a business customer

transparency report

Transparency Report

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