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Transparency Report

transparency report

Coffee table book

Dive into the world of coffee

Our Transparency Report is an important part of the service we offer our customers and business partners. A new one is published every year, which we offer to all our business customers.

Many of them use it as a coffee table book. Then guests, customers and employees can delve into exciting articles about the coffee they drink.

transparency report

What can you read in it?

No secrets

In our Transparency Report you can read about many things. Both things we have done, things we are doing and things we dream about.

In fact, you can read almost everything about our company. Also our prices for our coffee. And our CO2 emissions. There must be no secrecy surrounding our company, because we believe in transparency in every drop.

transparency report

It's not just about us

Interesting articles

It's not just about CleverCoffee. In the report you will also find exciting articles about coffee production, climate and other relevant issues.

We have done our best to create an inviting report that does not only contain statistics and forecasts.

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More than just coffee

Extra services as a business customer

transparency report

Transparency Report

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