Case story: Groft

A revolutionary coffee solution for businesses - with Heylo

Can you really combine the soul of craftsmanship with the efficiency of technology in a cup of coffee? At the bakery Groft, they have found the answer with the Heylo coffee machine from CleverCoffee, and the result is nothing short of magical.

The challenge

At Groft, the desire was clear: They wanted to offer their customers a coffee experience that matched the high level of their baked goods. At the same time, they wanted a solution that was easy for employees to operate and guaranteed consistent quality in every single cup. Classic espresso machines required too much training, while fully automatic machines lacked the human touch and craftsmanship that founders Torben and Stine Kiel Hviid valued.

The solution

Groft found the perfect coffee solution in the Heylo coffee machine at CleverCoffee. Heylo is a hybrid machine that combines the best of classic espresso machines with the convenience of fully automatic machines . With Heylo, Groft gets an espresso machine with a automatic milk frother that retains the handmade touch, but at the same time makes it possible for even inexperienced employees to brew world-class coffee.

Heylo as a coffee solution for companies

The benefits

1. Uniform Quality

With Heylo, Groft can ensure that every cup of coffee is of high quality and tastes the same every time.

The machine automates the technical aspects of brewing, so employees can focus on creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Time savings

The intuitive operation means that even new employees can quickly learn to use the machine.

"We have very young and green employees who make coffee in a superb quality, which we are very proud to serve,"

The time saved on training and troubleshooting can instead be spent on improving the customer experience.

3. Environmentally friendly technology

The Heylo machine uses induction heating, which results in significantly lower energy consumption.

In fact, the machine uses 70% less power than traditional espresso machines, which gives Groft an annual saving of over 5,000 kWh - equivalent to around DKK 12,000 on the electricity bill.

4. Focus on Customer Service

With the technical part of coffee brewing automated, Torben and his team can dedicate more time to customer service.

"When we don't have to spend time and energy on all sorts of small technical details with coffee brewing, we have the time and energy to deliver an excellent service experience," explains Torben.


With the Heylo coffee machine from CleverCoffee, Groft has found the ideal coffee solution for their bakery. This innovative espresso machine with milk frother ensures both quality, efficiency and environmental friendliness, which provides a better customer experience and contributes positively to both operations and the climate.

For Groft, Heylo has been a game-changer, making it possible to serve great coffee with minimal effort.

For those looking for coffee solutions for companies where quality, ease of use and responsibility are a priority, the Heylo coffee machine from CleverCoffee is an obvious choice. It combines the best of both worlds – traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Torben Kiel Hviid from Groft Bageri is happy to share his experiences with other companies that are considering an upgrade of their coffee solution.

"We chose to prioritize a balance between quality and practicality. The Heylo coffee machine has enabled us to serve quality hand-made coffee without compromising on efficiency. It has not only elevated our coffee offering, but also improved our working day. If you lead looking for a coffee solution for businesses that impresses both customers and employees, I can easily recommend doing what we did."

Visit Groft at Strandvejen 34 in Saksild. Read more on their website.