A real espresso classic

Kees Van Der Westen

Is espresso your main game? And do you prefer manual control over your milk frothing and a recognizable look? Then the high-quality machines from Kees van der Westen are your go-to.

Reliable machines for the classic café

High quality and recognizable look

The Dutch brand, Kees van der Westen is a solid classic when it comes to espresso. Design and details in equal measure are their motto, and the machines deliver in both quality, precision and performance. The machine is for you who want maximum control and precision over your espresso and milk frothing.

The design of the espresso machines is a large part of why these machines are today known throughout almost the entire coffee world. Kees van der Westen aims for a traditional machine, where handles, knobs and steam arms are allowed to shape the expression with a small twist of steampunk or self-design.

Foot pedal and preinfusion

Seen at CleverCoffee

In our coffee shop in Aarhus, we had Kees van der Westen Slim Jim - and our experienced baristas loved it. The machine has ergonomic handles, built-in soft pre-infusion and foot pedal for milk steaming. This makes both the work flow easier and ensures that the quality of the coffee served is top notch.

Our Slim Jim was also specially adapted in design and bore our name and logo. This is an option with several of Kees van der Westen's models.

We sold our machine to a business partner who runs a café in Herning. There it still brews in the highest quality and their baristas clap their hands.

Slim Jim

The machine for cafes with pace

This model from Kees is one of the brand's more elegant and sleek in expression. It works perfectly in busy cafes and can be adapted in both design and number of group heads.

The machine is made of stainless steel and lifted from the table to create access for cleaning - however not higher than baristas and customers can comfortably talk to each other. It has an energy-mode function, which makes it possible to switch off individual group heads and thus the associated boiler in periods outside peak load. Upstairs, space has been made for cups.

The machine has even more advantages. Read more about the product below


For the nerdy home barista

Kees van der Westen's Speedster model is perfect for you who still want to geek out, have the high quality and precision, but in a more compact model. The smaller capacity makes the machine suitable for very small cafes or for the home geek who wants to have his espresso game at the very top.

heylo setup sort, mælkemodul, espressomodul heylo setup med espressomoduler og mælkemoduler

Espresso can look many ways

A boilerless setup

On most espresso machines, the coffee is brewed on machines with boilers. They ensure that the water is kept at a high temperature, so that it can be brewed as soon as the desire for coffee arises. And of course it has its justification.

On the other hand, new technologies are constantly being developed and this also applies to espresso machines. That is why we are now also presenting a boiler-free espresso setup which, with the help of e.g. induction technology brews without the high energy consumption required by a boiler.

If you would like to have the same functions and quality, but also optimize energy, it is therefore clearly preferable to choose a machine without a boiler.

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