10 questions for your coffee supplier

It requires in-depth knowledge of coffee and coffee production, to ask the questions that ensure that the coffee solution matches your values. Here are our suggestions for relevant questions to ask your next coffee supplier.

You have to choose a coffee supplier, but...

What should you ask them?

When it comes to coffee, it can be difficult to know exactly what to ask for from your coffee supplier if you are not an expert yourself.

The questions can be characterized by exactly what you are looking for. Whether it's dark or light roasted coffee, specialty coffee, low-budget coffee or responsible coffee, you need to know what to ask for. But if you are a beginner in the world of coffee production and which issues need to be considered, it can be difficult to understand.

Let us guide you and tell you about the 10 good questions you can ask your coffee supplier.


The first question

1. How much do you pay the farmer for the coffee?

The standard price of coffee has not changed for 40 years.

The payment to farmers is often lower than the cost of growing coffee, making it almost impossible for many coffee farmers to run a profitable business and provide for their families.

beskidte hænder

The second question

2. Does the farmer have full ownership of his farm?

The farmer does the hard work and must therefore also get the profit to be able to continue working.

When ownership rests with coffee farmers, they have better opportunities to create their lives and work as they wish.

kaffefarmerfamilie på besøg i risteri i Fillerup

The third question

3. Do you deal directly with the farmer?

A good partnership with a focus on quality and taste is created over several years of dealing directly.

By dealing directly with the farmer, you ensure that the money goes to the right place – namely to the coffee farmer.


The fourth question

4. How do you ensure good conditions for the coffee farmer?

2 out of 3 coffee farmers live in poverty.

It is important that the coffee farmer must be able to support himself. A responsible coffee supplier must be able to prove that they are part of the solution and not the problem.

gule kaffebær og co2 neutralt mærke

The fifth question

5. Do you have CO2-neutral coffee?

The increase in CO2 emissions is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. For us, it's essential to localize where we can reduce that emission as quickly as possible.

With CO2-neutral coffee, you reduce your footprint on the climate and our future.

hvide skyer, blå himmel

The sixth question

6. How much CO2 does your coffee emit?

Being transparent about your CO2 emissions shows care, responsibility and striving for even better results next year.

We publish our emissions and calculations every year in our Transparency Report.

umodne kaffebær

The seventh question

7. Can you guarantee that coffee production is free from deforestation?

With new EU legislation, you must be able to prove that your coffee has not caused deforestation.

The majority of the coffee we sell is produced in dedicated forestry farming systems, and the farms we collaborate with work actively to ensure biodiversity in various ways.


The eighth question

8. Can you guarantee that the coffee is free of child labour?

Child labor is dangerous and means that the children do not go to school.

Child labor is typically a sign that the farm is being paid too little for its coffee and cannot afford to pay for adult employees.

Heylo setup mælkemodul, espressomodul og Bentwood kaffekværn

The ninth question

9. What is the lifespan of your machines?

With a coffee machine with a long life and uptime, you will get more out of your resources.

When we can service and ensure good quality with machines for a long time, we reduce the need to replace the machines.

3TEMP setup PULS og Bentwood kaffekværn

The tenth question

10. What is the power consumption of your machines?

You can save up to 90% electricity by choosing a coffee machine without a water tank.

The coffee machine therefore does not use energy to keep several liters of water boiling hot all day.

Think in categories

What do I need?

You can advantageously think of your questions in categories.

Our questions are divided so that you can ask up to which terms your coffee supplier makes available to the coffee farmers through their partnership.

In addition, you can ask your coffee supplier about CO2 emissions and sustainability, as well as how they can guarantee that there is no child labor on the coffee farm.

Finally, we suggest asking about energy consumption and lifespan of machines and equipment - there can be a much bigger difference than you might think.

transparency report


We share everything with you

At CleverCoffee, we are committed to responsibility, which is why we always have our Transparency Report available to you.

The report provides insight into how we deal with coffee farmers, what we pay, how we calculate our CO2 emissions and much more.

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