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Coffee Barometer

Ethos Agriculture's 2023 coffee barometer is a report that shows how the largest coffee roasters in the world work with ESG.

The Biggest Coffee Companies in the World

Responsible or Not?

A new report from Ethos Agriculture analyzes how the 11 biggest coffee companies are doing when it comes to sustainability.

Unfortunately, we see some red flags when it comes to their social, environmental and economic impact.

A quote from the report

On paper, the sustainability promises of most roasters remain disconnected, limited to token charity or CSR initiatives that only superficially address their social and environmental impacts [...] The lack of any transparency regarding procurement practices or funding raises concerns that none of the roasters are demonstrating a willingness to compensate small-scale coffee farmers for operating sustainably, such as by paying a price that reflects the social and environmental costs involved.
kaffe barometer 2023

An Overview of ESG Performance

The Coffee Barometer is a report that goes into the sustainability strategies of the 11 biggest coffee companies in the world and assesses them on the social, environmental and economic levels.

The report analyses how they are doing and scores them on their performance. This gives the coffee barometer.

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We Are Transparent

We are committed to being transparent in our business, which is why we always have a Transparency Report ready for you to read.

If you want, you can even read our Transparency Reports from previous years to see our progress.

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