Anyone Can Brew a Good Cup of Coffee

Filter Coffee

Make good use of the filter coffee machine that you already have on the kitchen counter. With the right beans and a good recipe, almost all filter coffee machines can brew quite excellent coffee.

Filter brewing in a mokka master or a different type of filter coffee machine is an easy and affordable way to brew coffee in larger quantities. Small changes in the procedure can make a big difference to the final product — watch here!

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Filter Machine Brew

The Experience Is Worth the Effort


60g of coffee


Medium ground


2 cups

gooseneck hældekedel

1000g water / 92°


General rule: 60g of coffee per liters of water.

You better use a scale to measure the water, as the gauge on the coffee machine can be a bit imprecise.

When the water has been weighed, you pour it into the machine.

CleverCoffee Tip
Use filtered water, as this will give you the best conditions for a transparent and flavourful coffee experience.

Before you add the coffee, you can make the filter wet.

Grind your coffee fine to medium.

With a Wilfa uniform grinder, we recommend setting 30-32.

CleverCoffee Tip
Do you find that the coffee is bitter and dry? Grind the coffee a little coarser.

Do you find that the coffee is salty and sour? Grind the coffee finer.

Pour the ground coffee into the filter and switch on the machine.

CleverCoffee Tip
After 45 seconds, you can advantageously stir the coffee so that all the coffee is in contact with water.

Wait for the machine to finish and then enjoy your coffee.

Bon appetite!