For Those of You Who Have Extravagant Equipment


Espresso is Italian coffee that is brewed under pressure.

Espresso is for the coffee enthusiast with a large coffee setup, because here you can adjust many different parameters to hit the absolutely perfect taste in the coffee.

Check out how to brew the perfect espresso and get tips and tricks to adjust your recipe.

espresso bryggeguide

Espresso Brewing

The Experience Is Worth the Effort


20g of coffee


Finely ground


1 small cup

gooseneck hældekedel

40g water / 93°


28 seconds


Place the portafilter on a scale and reset the scale.

CleverCoffee Tip
Always use filtered water, as it gives you the best conditions for a transparent and tasty coffee experience.

Grind 20g* of coffee in the portafilter.

*or the amount you have assessed is suitable for your particular machine and the beans you are currently using.

CleverCoffee Tip
Be precise with the desired amount: 0.1 g difference in amount can be tasted.

Use a grinder designed for espresso. It gives you the best result in terms of taste.

Tamp the coffee with 20 kilos of pressure with a PUQpress .

Rinse the group head for 1-2 seconds to lower the water temperature.

Put the portafilter in the machine and press "brew".

With 20 grams in the portafilter, you get approximately 40-42 grams of coffee into the cup in 28 seconds.

Try a few times and adjust the grinding degree of the grinder until you reach a brewing time of 28 seconds.

Stir in the espresso with a spoon and enjoy. Bon appetite!

CleverCoffee Tip
Do you find that the coffee is bitter and dry? Grind the coffee a little coarser.

Do you find that the coffee is salty and sour? Grind the coffee finer.