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Sustainability and Certifications

We Want Better Certification

Fairtrade is not ambitious enough. Read about our opinions on certifications and how we relate to responsibility and sustainability here.

CleverCoffee's Opinions on Certification

We Think a Little Differently

It can be confusing to figure out what all the different certifications mean when talking about sustainability.

We have an approach to it that is perhaps a little different from others in the industry. We are a responsible and transparent coffee roastery that has chosen to go all-in on fighting poverty in the coffee industry and taking care of our planet.

Which is why we would like to tell you a little more about how we approach certifications.

fairtrade er ikke ambitiøst nok

Fairtrade Is Not Ambitious Enough

Our coffee does not carry the Fairtrade logo because it does not fit in with our values ​​and quality standards. Our standard is higher.

Instead, we have signed The Pledge and have our coffees registered with the independent organisation Transparent Trade Coffee.

They raise the bar for transparency in the trade in specialty coffee, and this means that roasters who buy directly through the farmer pay significantly more for the coffee than if they buy through Fairtrade.

We guarantee that.

Better Certification Is the Way Forward

The number of certifications has increased, and that in itself indicates an increased focus on wanting to "do good."

It is a good sign that the number of certifications is increasing, but when we want to be good for the world and our partners, why not start the right way?

Instead of focusing on the needs of the western world, future certification should start on the farm and with the needs of the farmers.

Desire to include the farmer
We want to create a unique certification where the farmers' needs come first. To do that, we need to be even more familiar with their operation and requirements on the farm. By learning even more about the farms' work, demands and needs, we are able to create standards that enhance their future.

A future certification should also contain a division of responsibility in relation to the risk associated with exploring and developing the business. Farmers around the world may want to do better than they are doing today, but the risk of failure is too expensive. That should not be the case in the future. Farmers who want to develop their business must have the underlying support they need.

Our first B Corp coffee
In the first quarter of 2021, we were finally able to present our first B Corp coffee in our selection, and the news has only gotten better from there. This coffee is from SanCoffee in Brazil, which is a cooperative based on 873 families divided into 177 farms that share common values, culture and are focused on specialty coffee.

In November 2019, SanCoffee received their B Corp certification, and that was just the beginning. In 2023, Sancoffee became climate neutral, and with our own efforts on top of that, it has resulted in a climate neutral coffee according to the Net-Zero Standard – namely IMPACT No. 01.

CleverCoffee is certified B Corp
As you may have already read, we are B Corp certified. This certification is, in our eyes, the most stringent sustainability certification currently available. We are proud to support and collaborate with other B Corp partners and hope that our B Inspired Network is able to inspire companies and people around us to think about the entire supply chain.

kafferister med b corp logo

Part of the Movement

At CleverCoffee, we are proud to be part of the B Corp movement. It is reserved for a few strong-willed companies who dare to take the extra step and let sustainability and responsibility be the basic elements of their business.

As a customer with us, you are part of the movement!

transparency report

If you're up for more, we'll also tell you how we work in our

Transparency Report

Every year we publish a Transparency Report, which gives our customers the opportunity to fully dive into our work with the farmers, our work in the roastery and our work with our customers. We do this because we believe it is important to be transparent in our business.

Highlights from this year's report 2023:

We reduced our carbon emission per kilo coffee by 18%.

We're planting a forest in collaboration with one of our direct trade partners.

We have increased the amount of directly traded coffee from 80% to 89% in 2023.

A look at our brand new product: coffee cherry tea – better known as Cascara.

You can also read in-depth articles with our reflections on agroforestry and land-grabbing

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