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Hario V60

The Hario V60 is one of the absolute best filter holders for pour-over. Hario V60 is available in different materials and what they have in common is that you can get started without having to invest an entire fortune.

With V60 you get a lovely transparent taste in the coffee, where you experience all the nuances. It's easy to get started, and with a focus on precision and a little practice, you can make world-class coffee. You have full control and can begin to control your extraction to a large extent to achieve the perfect cup of coffee.

Pour-Over with Hario V60

The Experience Is Worth the Effort


24g of coffee


Medium ground


2 cups

gooseneck hældekedel

400g water / 94°


2 minutes and 45 seconds


Add water to 92°C - you need 400g for brewing, but add a little extra to wet the filter.

CleverCoffee Tip
Use filtered water as this will give you the best conditions for a transparent and flavourful coffee experience.

If you have a temperature-controlled pour-over kettle, keep the temperature at 92°C here to get the best out of the coffee. If the water is too hot, more is extracted than is good for the beans. If the water is too cold, you risk not getting the most optimal flavors out of the coffee.

When the water is ready, wet the filter while it sits in the V60 brewer, so the entire filter is wet. Let the water run through.

CleverCoffee Tip
Use the hot water to warm up your coffee cup.

Grind your coffee medium to coarse.

With a Wilfa uniform grinder, we recommend setting 30-32.

CleverCoffee Tip
Do you find the coffee bitter and dry? Grind the coffee a little coarser.

Do you find the coffee salty and sour? Grind the coffee finer.

Pour the ground coffee into the filter, put your Hario V60 on a scale, reset it.

Pour 50g of water over the coffee so that all the coffee is covered.
Let the coffee bubble, also called bloom, for 30 seconds.

Pour the remaining water (400g in total) over the coffee. Pouring must be done within 1 minute and 30 seconds.

CleverCoffee Tip
Does the coffee flow through too slowly? Pour the water more aggressively into the center of the filter. Does the coffee run through too quickly? Hold onto the brewer and gently swing it around.

When the water has run through, the coffee is ready to be served.

Bon appetite!