Home espresso machines


Do you love a freshly brewed, high-quality espresso that you can easily enjoy at home? Then Bellezza is the answer for you.

Bellezza brews a delicious cup of coffee with a clean and elegant look that you can't help but fall in love with.


Traditional barista coffee at home

Are you ready to upgrade your home espresso setup? Bellezza gives you exclusive design with safe functionality. The machines are easy to use and make it a breeze to get a delicious shot of espresso in the cup.

In a compact design, Bellezza provides a barista experience that you can set up in the kitchen or in the small home office. The machines can do everything that the coffee bar's machines can do, in a compact and user-friendly design.

From Bellezza, you can find here two different coffee machines that brew espresso and froth milk with two boilers or double circuit respectively, as well as a coffee grinder with titanium knives in a matching compact and stylish design.



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Functionality that can do anything

Long lifespand is key

Bellezza designs its products to work... well, forever. Or close to it.

Their coffee machines are built in stainless steel both inside and out. They can be set in ECO mode, which means that the boiler uses less power to stay warm. In addition, they are equipped with Bellezza's own version of the brewing unit E61, which has a very long life.

The Piccola grinder also has an incredibly long life, as it is built with titanium blades that do not break. It can grind 60 tons of coffee! How long it takes to get through 60 tons of coffee depends on your consumption, but it's probably far more than you'll ever get through at home.

Final touches

Design down to the last detail

From the best materials in stainless steel to the beautiful finish of the machines, there is no way to put a finger on the cool Italian design from Bellezza.

The machines instantly catch the eye and can spice up any kitchen - without taking up too much table space. The compact design provides a cool machine with a lot of functions without taking up too much space.

Belleza Bellona

Two boilers for perfect tempering

Brewing coffee and steaming milk require different temperatures in the boiler, which is why Bellezza Bellona is equipped with two boilers inside. That way, it can brew perfect coffee with any bean and perfect microfoam, regardless of whether it's cow's or oat milk.

The two-kettle system is controlled by Bellezza's own brewing unit, which ensures that the coffee brewing temperature is constant, regardless of the higher temperature required to froth milk and create mirror-bright microfoam.

Beauty Valentina

Enchanting eye-catching and longevity

Bellezza Valentina lives up to its name, which means "the strong one" - it is solid in several areas.

The machine has a double circuit from the boiler, which means it can maintain the temperature for brewing coffee and steaming milk separately. It allows you to adjust the boiler temperature and has a pressure gauge for the pump and boiler.

In addition, it is built in stainless steel, and you can also set it in ECO mode, where it does not use as much power to heat the water in the boiler.

Bellezza Piccola 60 Titanio V2

Long-lasting titanium knives

This grinder fits perfectly with the Bellezza machines and created for delicious espresso.

Piccola is built in aluminum and has titanium blades for the grinder. They can grind any coffee to perfect accuracy – almost indefinitely. It can just keep going. In addition, you can set two different grinding times, and then it stays at a noise level between 80-82db.

Piccola is also equipped with a heavy foot, so you are sure it will not move on the kitchen table

Precise settings

Accuracy makes for better coffee

Bellezza understands the importance that precise settings are crucial when it comes to coffee brewing.

Their coffee machines allow precise temperature control of the boilers. The brewing units are actually Bellezza's own creation, and it provides optimal function for temperature control and coffee brewing. In addition, the machines have a pressure gauge and the Bellona brewer also has a shot timer and PID control.

The Piccola grinder allows you to have two set grinding times, so you ensure that the coffee is ground exactly as you need it.

In addition, Bellezza's products are incredibly easy to use. This means that you do not need to be a coffee expert to use the machines – the machines do the work for you, so it is even easier to get a good result