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Übermilk is an innovative automatic milk frother, designed for coffee shops and restaurants that need a large capacity.

  • Up to 250 cups per hour! Flawless milk foam - just at the push of a button
  • Automatic foaming that is super fast and easy
  • Creates more even milk foam than 98% of all baristas

If you do not need the very large capacity, but instead want a more energy-efficient and versatile alternative, we recommend Heylo's milk module.

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Are you spending too much time training your baristas? Is the milk foam you serve not even enough? Having trouble keeping up with the flow of orders?

An Übermilk can completely eliminate those problems! With its automatic frothing of milk, the need for time-consuming training of new baristas is eliminated, the milk is the same between all cups and all baristas, and Übermilk can keep up with virtually all cafés.

Übermilk can produce up to 250 cups per hour - this corresponds to the maximum capacity of 2 traditional arms.

The machine is set to the desired temperature and texture, and then delivers it every time, no matter how pressed.

Note this is a made-to-order item.