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Eversys Legacy L'2m

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The Eversys Legacy is the latest model in the Eversys line of fully automatic espresso machines.

With this machine, you simply get uncompromising barista coffee, gathered in Eversys' most compact and user-friendly package.

  • Fully automatic espresso machine in a compact size.
  • Two grinders, which make it easy to switch between different coffees.
  • Uncompromising barista coffee easier than ever before
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Eversys supplies fully automatic espresso machines that make top quality coffee at the level of a skilled barista. With Eversys, you are sure to get good coffee every time! This makes their fully automatic espresso machines a good choice for companies and businesses that want an uncompromising coffee solution.

Eversys Legacy

Eversys' Legacy is their newest kid in the bunch. Like Eversys' Cameo machines, it has a user-friendly touch screen where you can easily choose the desired coffee drink. It even steams the milk at the highest level, so that you can easily get a delicious cappuccino.

Like Eversys' other machines, the Legacy has all the latest technology. The machine is set to make coffee the way you like it. After you program the machine, it "learns" and adjusts itself to maintain the taste experience that you have programmed – just like a real barista would in a coffee shop.

Easy with top quality taste

Do you have bad experiences or prejudices against automatic espresso machines? Eversys is not like the fully automatic machines you're thinking of. Brewing the coffee is still easy, but this machine is in a class of its own when it comes to taste. Eversys has been developing their machines for years and their brand lives on being able to deliver a tasty cup of coffee every single time. We promise you, your prejudices will be put to shame!

Two grinders

The Legacy L'2m has 2 grinders built into the compact espresso machine, which makes it possible to have 2 different coffees in the machine at the same time. The grinders can be easily set and adjusted in the rear settings of the machine, so that they suit each individual coffee.

Same performance as Eversys Cameo

Despite the compact size, the Eversys Legacy, like the Eversys Cameo, can make up to 175 cups of espresso per hour and 120 cups of cappuccino.

Do you want to brew even more coffee?

If you are looking for an even higher capacity, Eversys also has the Enigma series, which makes up to 525 cups of cappuccino per hour.

Recycling and repairs

93% of the machine can be immediately reused after EOL. Up to 99% can be recycled with separation. Expect a long life of +10 years or 1 million. cups of coffee, but should repairs be needed, the machine has a modular design, which makes it easy and quick to correct errors in the event of a stoppage of operation.