eversys cameo fuldautomatisk kaffemaskine
Eversys Cameo C2M espressomaskine på hvid baggrund.
eversys cameo c2ms classic fuldautomatisk kaffemaskine skråt bagfra
eversys cameo c2ms classic fuldautomatisk kaffemaskine bagfra
eversys cameo c2ms classic fuldautomatisk kaffemaskine
eversys cameo c2ms classic fuldautomatisk kaffemaskine
eversys cameo c2ms classic fuldautomatisk kaffemaskine


Eversys Cameo C'2ms/Classic

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The ultimate user-friendly fully automatic espresso machine.

Enjoy uncompromising barista coffee at home or at work with the option of espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte and adjustable temperature for tea. With an impressive production capacity of up to 175 cups of coffee per hour and no daily limit, your options are endless. Choose Eversys Cameo Classic – the recommended model for business solutions with customization options that fit exactly your needs.

  • Most user-friendly fully automatic espresso machine
  • High production capacity – up to 175 cups of coffee per hour
  • Brews espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte and tea with adjustable temperature

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    Eversys Cameo is the market's best fully automatic espresso machine. Simply.

    Fully automatic at the level of a real barista

    Many associate fully automatic espresso machines with a very flat taste experience. But that puts the Cameo to shame! Drinking coffee from a Cameo is completely like being served a real barista coffee.

    Capacity and service

    The Cameo can make 175 cups of cappuccino per hour, and doesn't need to be serviced until it has served 50,000 cups. In all its simplicity, the machine delivers a well-brewed espresso and perfectly frothed milk wrapped in unsurpassed ease of use.

    Do you want to brew even more coffee?

    If you are looking for an even higher capacity, Eversys also has the Enigma series, which makes up to 525 cups of cappuccino per hour.

    Smart technology behind your coffee

    Cameo contains all the latest technology, including a large 15.7″ touch interface, self-adjusting grinder and milk system, as well as extreme reliability. The machine is set to make coffee the way you like it, and after you program the machine, it "learns" and adjusts itself to maintain the flavour experience you've programmed – just like a real barista would in a coffee shop. That way, you are sure to always get the perfect cup of coffee, no matter how you prefer it.

    The machine is available in 2 different colours, tempest and earth.

    The eFoam technology creates microfoam, which gives the perfect texture in the milk foam - every time.

    Recycling and repairs

    93% of the machine can be immediately reused after EOL. Up to 99% can be recycled with separation. Expect a long life of +10 years or 1 million. cups of coffee, but should repairs be needed, the machine has a modular design, which makes it easy and quick to correct errors in the event of a stoppage of operation.


    • 175 cappuccinos per hour
    • 50,000 cup service interval
    • Fully automatic barista coffee
    • 3 different design options
    • Adjustable water temperature
    • Separate outlet for tea and water
    • Possibility of payment system
    • Possibility of LAN connection with remote reading
    • Possibility of a hidden refrigerator in a base cabinet
    • Possibility of dirt in the base cabinet