250 kaffepose, keramo, fersken, bergamotte, jasmin, hindbær og sød citrus
1 kg kaffepose, keramo, fersken, bergamotte, jasmin, hindbær og sød citrus


Keramo - Ethiopia

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Keramo is an excellent example of a washed Ethiopian coffee – sweet, fruity and floral! This coffee comes from the Sidama area in southern Ethiopia. It has notes of bergamot, peaches and fresh raspberries.

  • Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia
  • Varieties: JARC 74112
  • Process: Washed
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This month we bring you a real treat from the Bombe-mountains of Ethiopia – a washed JARC 74112 from the Keramo washing station in Sidama.

This coffee has the almost nostalgic classic washed Ethiopian flavour profile that we all know and love. Lots of complex fruitiness and floral aromas, while being delicate and tea-like.


This coffee is grown by 381 small farmers in the area around the laundry, which is typical of Ethiopian coffees. Most farmers have only a few hectares of land where they grow coffee, while other farmers simply pick the coffee that grows naturally on their property.

The Keramo washing station is known locally for its high quality picking, sorting and processing, which has resulted in them placing in the top 10 in the Ethiopian Cup of Excellence three years in a row.

The extraordinary altitude of 2260 to 2360 meters above sea level results in a slow ripening process and a dense and hard bean. This means that the coffee will develop more complexity, flavour intensity and aroma and will retain its aromatic qualities better. The coffee will also require a longer resting period before it opens up in the cup – we recommend at least 7 days.

JARC 74112

The variety is an Ethiopian landrace variety, meaning it is native to the forests of Ethiopia. These types of coffee are often referred to as heirloom varieties, but that is an inaccurate term.

After an epidemic of coffee berry disease in the 1960s, the Jimma Agricultural Research Center was established. In 1974, after examining dozens of landrace varieties, JARC 74112 was selected specifically for its disease resistance, high yield potential and beautiful flavour profile.


When you take the first sip, raspberry, sweet citrus fruits and bergamot hit you.
When the coffee cools down, the acid falls out and the coffee becomes sweet and peachy.

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Typical delivery: 1-2 business days

4.9 ★★★★★ on Trustpilot

4.9 ★★★★★ on Trustpilot

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