José Mauricio - Honduras
José Mauricio - Honduras
José Mauricio - Honduras
José Mauricio - Honduras


José Mauricio - Honduras

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From our good trading partner in Honduras, CAFESMO, we now present an exceptionally good micro-lot coffee produced by José Mauricio. He is a 3rd generation coffee farmer and his coffee of the Pacas variety is a combination of tradition and innovation with a very special quality.

  • Fully washed coffee from Honduras
  • Sweet and balanced
  • Notes of white grapes, apricot, honey and macadamia nuts
Title:250 g
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José Mauricio - Honduras

250 g

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This month we present a unique micro-lot from José Mauricio in Honduras.

José, a third-generation farmer from Ocotepeque, the westernmost region of Honduras, now runs the farm established by his grandfather with his six daughters and three sons. He collaborates with the cooperative CAFESMO, which is one of our close and long-term partners. They have more than 280 members in and around Ocotepeque and are still expanding their borders.

A lot of coffee from small productions

Over the past decade, coffee production in Honduras has doubled and the country is currently the world's fourth largest coffee exporter. Remarkably, 95% of this production comes from 110,000 small farmers, each managing an average farm size of just 2.21 hectares.

José is an example of the typical Honduran coffee farmer and manages Finca el Encinon on 2.5 hectares at an altitude of 1482 meters above sea level. Despite seeming average, José's coffee stands out with exceptional quality and delightful nuances of taste. The careful cultivation methods employed by José and his family contribute to the distinct flavour profile of their coffee and are a testament to their hard work and dedication.

The Pacas trees

This specific coffee is a single-lot of the Pacas variety, which José grows together with the Caturra variety. Pacas, like Caturra, arose as a natural mutation of Bourbon and was discovered in neighbouring El Salvador by the Pacas family. Known for their small size, the Pacas trees produce higher yields and allow more efficient planting per acre square meters.

Tradition and innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of global coffee production, Honduras, under farmers like José Mauricio, continues to carve out its niche. Showcasing the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, Finca el Encinon presents a single-variety Pacas lot that is not only a testament to the growing Honduran coffee heritage, but also a delight for coffee enthusiasts like you and me.

Flavour profile

In many ways, this coffee reminds us of previous Honduran coffees in our range. Not quite as juicy or fruity as its Colombian counterpart, but sweet and balanced. It works equally well as both filter coffee and espresso.

On the cupping table, this coffee presented flavour notes reminiscent of white or green grapes, lemon, honey and macadamia nuts.


We have paid $8.81/kg for the coffee directly to Cafesmo.
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Typical delivery: 1-2 business days

4.9 ★★★★★ on Trustpilot

4.9 ★★★★★ on Trustpilot

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