Paulo Afonso

Carbon Neutral Coffee from Brazil

Check out this month's coffee from Santa Clara in Brazil. It arrived only a few weeks ago in the big container with our IMPACT No. 01 coffee.

We are looking forward to presenting this complex, delicate, premium and, of course, carbon neutral coffee.

Water is the most precious thing in the world. We would not be here without it and we must preserve it as much as humanly possible.

Paulo Afonso de Resende, Santa Clara

Meet Paulo Afonso de Resende

The Engineer Behind Santa Clara

Back in February, Lindy visited the Santa Clara farm in Brazil, where he met Paulo Afonso.

Paulo Afonso de Resende runs the Santa Clara farm with his family. He actually worked as a mechanical engineer for many years, but turned to the coffee farm to continue in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was also a coffee farmer.

Paulo's engineering background shows in how he runs his farm.

The farm is innovative and practically self-sufficient, and his previous engineering work has given him a great understanding of the importance of water and how we really need to be frugal with such an important resource. He makes sure that the farm keeps its water consumption low and has also developed a water filter himself so that the farm can use good quality water.


Delicate Fermentation

The processing of this coffee is what Santa Clara calls aerobic fermentation – that means "open-air" fermentation. The coffee berries have been collected in thick layers, which makes the drying process much slower. The coffee berries are then fermented in this way for 1-2 days, until the layers reach the right temperature.

The coffee berries are then laid out in the traditional thin layers to allow them to dry completely.


Country: Brazil
Region: Campo das Vertentes
Producer: Fazenda Santa Clara
Variety: Yellow Catuaí
Process: Aerobic fermentation
Altitude: 1100 m
Harvest: August 2023
Notes: Delicate and complex with notes of foam banana and coffee flower

Our Purchase

We have paid $8.59 per kg for the coffee (FOB).

The market price at the time of the contract was $4.17 per kg.

This means we have paid 106% above the market price for this specific coffee.

Read more about why we pay more for our coffee here.