Brewing Whenever and Wherever You Want!


Where would you like to brew your coffee? With Aeropress, you can always brew a fresh cup of coffee, whether it's at work, for classes or outdoors – you just have to remember the good beans and water.

It is easy and fast to brew your favourite coffee as a filter coffee with Aeropress – if you are unsure how, you can follow this guide.

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Pour-Over With Aeropress

The Experience Is Worth the Effort


16g of coffee


Medium grind


2 cups

gooseneck hældekedel

180g water / 94°


3 minutes and 15 seconds


Heat the water to 92°C – you need 180g for brewing but add a little extra to wet the filter.

CleverCoffee Tip
Use filtered water, as this will give you the best conditions for a transparent and flavourful coffee experience.

If you have a temperature-controlled pour-over kettle, keep the temperature at 92°C here to get the best out of the coffee. If the water is too hot, more is extracted than is good for the beans. If the water is too cold, you risk not getting the most optimal flavours out of the coffee.

Use the extra water to wet the filter and put the filter in place in your AeroPress.

CleverCoffee Tip
Use the hot water to warm up your coffee cup.

Grind your coffee fine to medium.

With a Wilfa uniform grinder, we recommend setting 30-32.

CleverCoffee Tip
Do you find the coffee bitter and dry? Grind the coffee a little coarser.

Do you find the coffee salty and sour? Grind the coffee finer.

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Pour all the water (180g) over the coffee so that all the coffee is covered.

CleverCoffee Tip
If all the coffee is not wet, gently stir the coffee for optimal extraction.

Now replace the screw cap and turn your AeroPress over. Place it over a small jug or large cup and wait 40 seconds.

Slowly press the water through the coffee and the filter over 1 minute and 10 seconds – the coffee is now ready to serve.

Bon appetite!