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Café Rivense

We have a fantastic partnership with Café Rivense in Costa Rica, who supply coffee beans for three of our premium coffees.

Read about the farm here.

kaffefarmerfamilie fra Costa Rica

Meet the Ureña Family

Café Rivense is located on Mount Chirripó in Costa Rica.

The farm was founded in the 1940s by Ricardo Ureña's great-grandparents, but today it is run in good health by Ricardo, his father Régulo and his brother Esteban.

The family-owned farm did not have much of a tailwind from the start, with factors such as low market prices, lack of financing and lack of information about coffee production playing a big role for the family.

However, the family's hard work bore fruit, and in 2019 one of the farm's micro lots were No. 5 in the Cup of Excellence Costa Rica – which was the first time a coffee from the Chirripó region ended up in the CoE Top 10.

Ricardo and his family continue to work to produce world-class coffee, and they experiment with anaerobic fermentation and other new and different ways of processing coffee.

Costa Rica

Coffee from Café Rivense

Green Production

Nature Projects

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Reduce Water Pollution

At Café Rivense, they have a great focus on improving one of the otherwise heavy environmental pollutions from the production of coffee, namely water pollution.

They process their coffee as natural or honey processed where no water is used. This way, they are able to better care of the surrounding nature.

Why Do We Trade Directly?

As far as possible, we trade directly with coffee farmers and this also applies to Café Rivense.

We do this because the farmers are the most important part of the entire chain from bean to cup. Without their work, we wouldn't be able to roast fantastic coffees in our roastery, and you wouldn't be able to drink them either.

We also do it because direct trade allows us to have a good dialogue with the farmers. This gives the opportunity to make high demands on coffee production both now and in the future, for example in the form of climate-friendly measures.

It is therefore also important for us to ensure that Ricardo receives the payment for his work that he and his employees deserve – and which they need to be able to continue the development of these fantastic coffees.

When we act and communicate directly, we – and you as a customer – help guarantee that a larger part of the profit for the hard work goes to the pickers and the owners of the coffee farms.

kaffelandskab i Costa Rica
kaffefarmer blandt kaffetræer med kaffebær
små kaffetræer klar til plantning
kaffefarmerfamilie på besøg i risteri i Fillerup

Visit to the Roastery

In December 2021, we were visited by the Ureña family at the roastery in Odder. Both Ricardo Ureña – who runs Café Rivense on a daily basis – and his father and brother had made the trip to Denmark to talk to us about coffee and strengthen our partnership.

Ricard talking about the coffee farm

kafferfarmer fra Costa Rica i risteriet i Fillerup

The video and interview are from winter 2021, when Ricardo, Esteban and Regulo visited us here in Odder.