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huskee kop 12oz med låg i beige


Huskee 1 Cup with Lid - 12oz

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Enjoy the coffee with a clear conscience in the cup that was created by coffee itself. A unique and environmentally friendly way to combine your coffee passion with responsibility.

  • Coffee cup made of recycled coffee husk
  • Unique and long lasting
  • Combines passion for coffee with responsibility
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This cup immediately became our favorite cup! It looks good, and is just really nice to drink from, while also telling a really good story.

Coffee grounds are the husks that remain on the beans when they are dried and, as usual, are simply removed and thrown away. Huskee Cup turns this leftover product into coffee cups – that's brilliant!

The cups are intended as future replacements for the to-go cups. We think it's a great idea, but it should also be used in other setups, e.g. in your company or at home. A sustainable cup that gives points in the CSR account and at the same time has a cool design! What's not to like?

The cups are sold individually with lids or in packs of 4 without lids.

The cups are available in the colours charcoal and nature, and in the sizes 6oz (177ml), 8oz (237ml) and 12oz (355ml).

Typical delivery: 1-2 business days

Typical delivery: 1-2 business days

4.8 ☆ on Trustpilot

4.8 ☆ on Trustpilot

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