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Organic coffee

Don't miss our delicious organic freshly roasted coffees. We are committed to improving the climate crisis and biodiversity, which is why we naturally also have organic coffee. These coffees meets both EU and Danish requirements for organic products.

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José Mauricio - Honduras
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Organic coffee

Don't miss our delicious, organic and freshly roasted coffees. They are Certified Organic, which is a certificate that means that our organic coffees fall within the EU standard for ecology. This also means that the coffees meet the Danish standard for ecology.

That certification implies that the coffee production is completely free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Certified Organic also means that coffee production encourages biodiversity conservation, improving soil fertility and maintaining water quality.

Not only does it not harm the environment, it also tastes fantastic.

The responsible choice

Responsible coffee - what does it mean?

We do not compromise with our coffee, and therefore we do not refer to our coffee as sustainable coffee either. That's because we prefer to express accountability. This means, among other things, that we deal directly with farmers and pay them a decent price that they can actually live on.

In addition, we are also facing the climate crisis. This means that we buy coffee that is grown in ways that do not worsen the climate. This is seen, for example, in coffee, which is cultivated or naturally grows in forests (agroforestry) rather than cleared agriculture. When the coffee is grown in the forest, it grows in the shade (shade-grown), which gives the coffee some very specific flavor notes and increases biodiversity in the area.

In addition, we also work to reduce our own footprint on the climate. It helps that we look at our CO2 emissions every year and find out how we can reduce it. For example, we always choose to have our coffee sent on cargo ships rather than airplanes, because the CO2 emissions are much lower that way.

The knowledge we present as our responsibility is always available to you in our Transparency Report. We make a new one every year, so you can always follow our development and progress.