Misiones Castillo

A CleverCoffee Classic

We are incredibly happy to be able to present what we consider to be something of a "CleverCoffee Classic" – the delicious washed Castillo coffee from Hacienda Misiones in Columbia.

This coffee was the first we ever bought directly from the producer. This year's harvest has a slightly different taste than in the past, but we think that has only made it even more delicious.

friskplukkede kaffebær

Aroma and Flavour

On the cupping table, the coffee had an intense sweetness and complexity, but it is one of those coffees that changes flavour between the first sip and the last.

When the coffee is hot, it is fruity and reminds us of dried cranberries with a persistent acidity with hints of gooseberry.

When the coffee cools down, it becomes less intense in acidity while the sweetness takes over. Here the coffee begins to taste of syrup-covered Amarena cherries and creamy toffee.

hacienda i colombia


Country: Colombia
Region: Cundinamarca
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700 m
Harvest: January 2023
Notes: Dried cranberry, gooseberry, Amarena cherry and toffee.

Our Purchase

We have paid $10.18 per kg for the coffee (FOB).

The market price at the time of the contract was $4.00 per kg.

This means we have paid 154% above the market price for this specific coffee.

Read more about why we pay more for our coffee here.


Sebastian's Guide

Brew It on the V60

Sebastian, our barista and roaster, has developed a Hario V60 recipe to match our results on the cupping table.

We think the sweetness and complexity of this coffee calls for a smaller ratio to bring out the creamy toffee and Amarena cherry flavours.

You will need
20g ground coffee (30 clicks of Comandante or 850-950 microns)
309g filtered water / 95°C

Pour-over guide
Start the timer and pour 50g of water so that the coffee bubbles
At 0:30 pour up to 150g of water in 10 seconds
At 1:00 pour up to 200g of water in 10 seconds
At 1:30 pour up to 250g of water in 10 seconds
At 2:00 pour up to 300g of water in 10 seconds

The coffee should be ready after 3 to 3½ minutes based on your grinder and grind level.

Bon appetite!