La Catarata

A Coffee Worthy of Competing With the Best

La Catarata is the coffee we competed with at the 2022 Brewers Cup – and it's possibly our favourite coffee ever.

This is a brand new crop of the bean we competed with last year. The flavour profile has changed a bit since last season, but we thought you might enjoy a brewing guide from the competition recipe. Let us know how it worked for you and if you were successful in making adjustments.

kaffefarmer familie fra Costa Rica

Family Business

You probably already know them – because we love talking about this family farm. This coffee was produced by the Ureña family from the Chirripó region of Costa Rica.

We have an excellent personal relationship with the family – and we are constantly surprised by how great their coffee tastes.

blomstrende kaffetræ


Country: Costa Rica
Region: Chirripõ
Variety: Red Catuaí
Process: Black honey
Altitude : 1600
Harvest: April 2022
Notes: Sweet and balanced with notes of chocolate, caramel, sweet figs and cherries.

månedens kaffe, la catarata, markedpris $2,93/kg, CleverCoffee har betalt $8,86/kg, 302% over markedsprisen

Our Purchase

We paid $9.09/kg for the coffee (FOB).

The market price at the time of the contract was $4.57/kg.

This means that we have paid 199% of the market price for this specific coffee.

Read more about why we pay more for our coffee here.


Lindy's Brewer's Cup recipe with Hario V60

18 g of coffee to 300 g of water

Grinding degree 700 microns with the Bentwood grinder
Bloom with 50g of water
First pour with 125g of water after 45 seconds
Second pouring with 125g of water after 1:30 min

Total brewing time 2:45 min

Water at 20 PPM - Bloom and first pour at 94 degrees Celsius and the last pour at 92 degrees Celsius