The iconic and beautiful coffee maker from 1941


Chemex is a favourite brewer here with us – it's a fantastic coffee maker. The simple pour-over technique helps to create a nice cup of coffee. Chemex was designed by Peter Schlumbohn in 1941 who was a German living in USA, and the shape and design are iconic and recognised worldwide.

The taste experience with coffee brewed on a Chemex is something between a plunger pot and a coffee funnel. The coffee gains some weight, depth and sweetness, but not too much. The coffee retains its lightness, the acid and the sweet nuances in the coffee.

chemex bryggeguide

Pour-Over with Chemex

The Experience Is Worth the Effort


48g of coffee


Medium ground


4-6 cups

gooseneck hældekedel

800g water / 92°


3 minutes


Warm water to 92°C - you need 180g for brewing, but add a little extra to wet the filter.

CleverCoffee Tip
Use filtered water, as this will give you the best conditions for a transparent and flavorful coffee experience.

If you have a temperature-controlled pour-over kettle, keep the temperature at 92°C here to get the best out of the coffee. If the water is too hot, more is extracted than is good for the beans. If the water is too cold, you risk not getting the most optimal flavors out of the coffee.

Use the extra water to wet the filter

CleverCoffee Tip
Use the water to warm up your coffee cup.

Grind your coffee fine to medium.

With a Wilfa uniform grinder, we recommend setting 30-32.

CleverCoffee Tip
Do you find the coffee bitter and dry? Grind the coffee a little coarser.

Do you find the coffee salty and sour? Grind the coffee finer.

Pour the ground coffee into the Aeropress, put your Chemex on a scale, reset it.

Start your timer and pour 100g of water in 30 seconds. Pour into small circles.
At 1:00 minute pour the rest of the water - up to 800g.

CleverCoffee Tip
If all the coffee is not wet, gently stir the coffee for optimal extraction.

The water should flow through at approximately 4:30 to 5:00 minutes.

Remove the filter when there are a few seconds between drips.

Bon appetite!