Zinule Bulambuli

Complexity from Uganda

We are excited to bring back Zinule – now with "Bulambuli" as part of the name to highlight the region and washing station in Uganda where the coffee comes from.

Coffee production in Uganda has undergone an exciting development in the past few years and still shows great potential. The coffees from the Bulambuli district in particular have proven to have interesting complexity. This coffee grows near the Kenyan border on Mount Elgon. The terrain and climatic conditions are ideal for the production of specialty coffee.

Most farmers take part in communities with other small farms that are less than 1 hectare each. Usually they work in groups with a locally appointed leader.

kaffefarmer tørrer kaffe i solen


With this coffee we want to highlight the washing station in Bulambuli.

It is a fantastic example of how cooperation contributes to many positive conditions in the local areas. At the washing station, the coffees are pulped, fermented and dried. This makes it easier for the many small farmers to process the coffee, as they share the facilities.

The coffee berries are grown at a high altitude, while the lower areas are used for drying. The drying areas house highly specialised professionals who focus on an optimal, controlled process.

Kenyan Connotations

Approx. 40% of the Ugandan Arabica coffee comes from Mt. Elgon. The area offers a combination of excellent soil, altitude, the varieties SL14 and SL28 and has no history of robusta coffee production.

These circumstances may give a better understanding of why these coffees are of excellent quality, despite the district's short history in specialty coffee production.

kaffefarmere bærer kaffesække fra lastbil


Country: Uganda
Region: Bulambuli
Variety: SL-14 and SL-28
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1700-2300
Harvest: February 2023
Notes: Sugar cane, tropical fruits, pomegranate and coffee flower

månedens kaffe, zinule bulambuli, markedspris $4,01/kg, CleverCoffee betalte $7,03/kg, 175% over markedspris

Our Purchase

We have paid $7.03 per kg for the coffee (FOB).

The market price at the time of the contract was $4.01 per kg.

This means that we have paid 175% of the market price for this specific coffee.

Read more about why we pay more for our coffee here.