El Desafio

A dear funky repeater

A beloved classic has returned as this month's coffee. We have been looking forward to presenting you with the new harvest of our very special El Desafio.

For some of you this may be a reunion and for others a new and exciting experience awaits. Nevertheless, the new harvest of El Desafio is as delicious as the coffees from Café Rivense usually are.

kaffelandskab i Costa Rica

The family farm

Café Rivense is located in this beautiful location in Costa Rica. The farm was founded back in the 1940s and is today run as a real family business by Ricardo, his father Régulo, his mother Isabelle and his brothers Mario, Luis and Esteban.

They have supplied coffee to our range for several years - including La Catarata and El Cristobal - and the family's production covers several different carefully selected varieties and processes.

A coffee you won't forget

Unique is probably a good description of El Desafio. It's one of our more unusual coffees, but also one of the most popular we've had over time.

This is a Natural processed coffee. So the beans are dried inside the intact berry. In this way, it gets the opportunity to extract a high degree of sweetness and fruitiness from the pulp. It produces flavors that may seem very different from more traditional coffee flavors, but are absolutely wonderful.

This coffee often demands even the more seasoned coffee drinkers a "stop it, what just happened there" reaction and it is certainly not a coffee you just forget.

Kaffefarmer fra Costa Rica på besøg i risteriet i Fillerup

Visit from Costa Rica

What does rhubarb really taste like?

Good memories come to mind in connection with the release of this harvest. About a year ago, we had a visit from the Ureña family here in Fillerup. We tasted the coffee, discussed production and roasting profile and held an open event in the coffee bar with Ricardo.

It was one of those visits which has absolutely inestimable value for us, and where we have the opportunity to create an even closer relationship with the coffee farmers we collaborate with.

The visit also gave rise to a fun experience. We have described one of the flavor notes in El Desafio as rhubarb, which is not a plant that the Ureña family was familiar with. To solve that problem, we had to dust up some rhubarb soda so they could get to know that flavor note. It was in December, so unfortunately they couldn't taste the real thing.

røde kaffebær på kaffetræ


Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Chirripõ
Variety: Villa Sarchi
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500
Harvest: April 2022
Notes: Sweet and creamy with notes of strawberry, rhubarb, papaya and guava

Tasting notes

The new harvest of El Desafio has given rise to a slight adjustment in the description of flavor notes.

This time the taste in the coffee has a distinct hint of tropical fruit. It is sweet and creamy with notes of strawberry, rhubarb, papaya and guava.

Look forward to tasting it - and feel free to share your experiences with us

månedens kaffe, el desafio, markedpris $4,57/kg, CleverCoffee har betalt $9.09/kg, 199% over markedsprisen

Our purchase

We have paid the cooperative $9.09/kg for the coffee (FOB).

The market price at the time of the contract was $4.57/kg

In this case, we have therefore paid 199% of the market price for the coffee.

Read more about why we pay more for our coffeehere.

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