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Organic white tea blend with peach and vanilla. A floral and sweet tea with a base of Pai Mu Tan white tea in a light blend of floral peach, sweet vanilla, fresh lemon and honey. Altogether it becomes a delicate organic tea for cozy afternoons and evenings.

About Emeyu

Emeyu is an organic and high-quality tea wrapped in equally high-quality packaging.

Emeyu’s range of high-quality, organic teas is tailored to meet environmentally conscious restaurants, shops and companies that appreciate offering a delicious organic tea to their guests and employees which also tastes good.

Emeyu carefully hand-pick the best teas from around the world which meet their requirements and high standards. They create great organic teas with refined balanced flavours.

Their intricate knowledge of different types of herbs and teas, their quality and health benefits has strongly influenced their selection. Each of their teas is the result of rigorous testing, trial and error and offer their signature refreshing, natural and delicious taste.

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