Cascara - Las Lajas, Costa Rica


Cascara - Las Lajas, Costa Rica

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Fantastically sweet and delicate cascara from Costa Rica, produced by Oscar Chacón and his family, who, contrary to most, treat the cascara as a valuable product - and you can see for yourself.

Cascara can help create extra value for coffee farmers and create less waste in coffee production, and we would like to support that.

  • Intense sweetness and notes of rose hip and pipe tobacco
  • Residual product from the production of "Black and Red honey processed" coffee
Title:200 g
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Cascara - Las Lajas, Costa Rica

200 g

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We are very excited to announce another news at CleverCoffee - Cascara!

Cascara is one of the residual products from coffee production. As you may know, the coffee berry looks like a cherry with shell, pulp and a core. Cascara is simply the husk of the coffee berry, which is dried here - in Spanish Cascara literally means shell or rind.

Coffee farmers are largely underpaid, but cascara can be a way for farmers to add more value to their production with minimal extra effort. Depending on the processing of the coffee, cascara will either be ready immediately after dehusking or will need to be dried beforehand.

Since cascara was only recently made legal to import into Europe, we are still learning how to use it as an ingredient. Most people use it to make tea; in Yemen it is used to make the tea known as Qishr. Cascara is mixed with water, sugar, ginger, cinnamon and other spices to create a delicious, aromatic brew.

We have seen people use it to make syrup or even as an ingredient in cooking. So use your imagination - we hope you find ways to use cascara to create something new and interesting.

This cascara comes from Las Lajas in Costa Rica. Cascara is the by-product of the black- and red-honey processed coffees, which means that it has a deep and fruity flavor profile. We experience intense sweetness, delicate acidity and flavor notes of rose hip and pipe tobacco when we brew this as a tea.

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Typical delivery: 1-2 business days

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