Collaboration is not enough

We believe that building a close relationship with our clients is a key part in appreciating all the hard work that lies in creating interesting and tasty specialty coffees. By working closely with coffee bars and wholesale partners, we’re able help nurture a unique coffee experience. Our typical customers are coffee shops and businesses that wish to let their customers and business partners enjoy world class specialty coffee.

We aim to get to know your business as thoroughly as possible and as the Danish distributor of high-end equipment from brands such as Kees van der Westen, PUQpress and Pentair Everpure®, we are able to help your coffee shop or business extract every layer of flavour in the coffee. We advise you on machinery, water and flow behind the bar. When everything is up and running, we provide master class training and ongoing support.

Quality control with weekly measurements of green and roasted beans, as well as cupping of recent production batches is part of our DNA. We stay sharp by presenting and brewing our coffee ourselves at cafes and coffee shops that use our coffee, and at World of Coffee events on a regular basis.

Let's work together

If your business looks to brew and sell our coffee please get in touch:
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