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Coffee subscription
Create coffee subscription From: 18 every 2 months

The coffee explorer’s subscription

From: 28 every 4 weeks

This is a coffee subscription to the one that wants to explore the world of specialty coffee. Coffee that can be brewed just as you like it – regardless the brewer! Wheter or not its espresso, pour over or something completely different.

With this subscription you get handpicked specialty coffees every month!

Why you should subscribe:

  1. Explore at least on new coffee every month
  2. No binding
  3. Change the subscription easily

We trade our coffees after three principles: Quality, price and transparens. It’s important for us to pay the coffee farmers a fair price that reflects the exceptional quality. That’s why we only buy coffee directly or through direct relationsship.

You can choose between 2x 250 gram or 3×250 gram. Choose your amount and how often you want to receive it:





Good coffee starts with fresh beans. The beans are among the best in the world and the high quality deserves to be gently roasted. In that way the sweetness and the flavor of the beans are preserved. Our coffees are from micro lots all over the world, carefully selected and gently roasted to the bright side. We omni-roast all our coffees so you can brew them exactly as you prefer.

Transparency in the trade – transparency in your cup

We work directly with the farmers at Hacienda Misiones in Colombia and Café Rivense in Costa Rica. Because of the direct relationsship and friendship it’s possible for us to ensure that the pickers’ and the farmers’ working conditions are good and that they are payed a fair price for their excellent work.

Furthermore, we work exclusively with direct relationsship sourcers that assure transparency, good conditions and a price that reflects the quality. The sourcers we’re working with needs to have the same mindset as us!

Transparency and sustainability is key for our little roastery. It really means the world to us, which is why we’ve made a Transparency Report. The report makes is clear how we work towards more transparent prices and a more fair industry.

The mindset behind CleverCoffee and our mission

We work every day for our customers to enjoy specialty coffee with good taste and a good conscience and that takes more than just roasting the coffee to perfection. Coffee should be of the finest quality and taste fantastic – and we believe that it should be celebrated for what an amazing fruit it is.

We strive for transparency and sustainability in every aspect of the coffees journey. From the coffee berry being picked at the farm to the finished coffee being served in the coffee shop or at your own coffee table at home. We believe that the coffee should be sourced in a sustainable and ethical way that is benefitting everyone

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